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Pretty perfume from Aerie

Aerie, the famous bra and underwear store affiliated with American Eagle has four perfumes out now that you should take notice of. The perfume named after the store's namesake is a beautiful smell consisting of pomegranate, honeysuckle, freesia and musk. It smells unique and is an original scent in Aerie's perfume line.

Daydream, the light citrus fragrance, smells of orange blossom, nectarine, freesia, and amberwood. It's a good fragrance to use on in-between days if you are looking for one for your collection.

Whoa is made with lulo fruit, lily, peony, rosewood, and sandalwood. The personality that matches this fragrance is reminiscent of the funnest clothing Aerie has in stock!

Hidden Love is a full-bodied fragrance with notes of red fruit, lemon, jasmine and orchid.

All perfumes are available at stores and in bottles and fragrance sticks ($15-$40).

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