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'Pretty Little Liars': 'Whirly Girly' recap

The stars of 'Pretty Little Liars'
The stars of 'Pretty Little Liars'
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

After Shauna’s big death last week, “Pretty Little Liars” started out the episode “Whirly Girly” tonight, June 17, with all five girls exiting a bus in Rosewood. Ali was hesitant and tried to get back on the bus, but the others reminded her they had a plan. With that, they went to the police department, where Ali lied to Detective Holbrook and said she had been kidnapped and held hostage for the last two years – she added if it weren’t for her friends, she wouldn’t be alive.

Detective Holbrook continued to question Ali at the station. Her dad barged in and interrupted, and the girls eventually headed home. Spencer’s mom was very upset with her for keeping the secret from her for all this time. Hanna’s mom questioned her on how she felt when she found out Ali was alive, and Aria’s brother, Mike, had plenty of questions for her as well.

Emily and Spencer spied Ali’s brother, Jason, out by his car in the driveway. They snuck over to the house, and Ali tossed her phone out the window to show them a text she received: “The truth will bury you in a New York minute.” When Emily asked who sent it, Ali drew a question mark in the condensation on her window.

Alison’s dad stepped into her room and grew tearful over the years he missed with her. He explained that he wasn’t living with her mom anymore and that the two had decided to divorce. Ali’s was tearful as he left. Later on, after she had fallen asleep, Jason crept in and watched her from the doorway.

In the morning, Mr. DiLaurentis stopped over at Hanna’s house to speak with her mother. He asked her to look in Mrs. DiLaurentis’ e-mails to obtain the password for her business account. Meanwhile, Ali and Jason talked outside on their porch. A woman from a dog shelter arrived to have Mrs. DiLaurentis meet with a dog she was thinking of adopting, not knowing she was missing.

Emily and Spencer tried to figure out why Jason had reappeared. Emily started to think it was Jason who sent the text to Ali and wondered if he had been following Ali all along. Aria struggled to focus, and a song Shauna once played on the violin suddenly started to play constantly on her iPod.

Spencer, Emily, and Ali sat in Ali’s room, and Ali told them Jason had been watching her while she slept. Emily insisted Ali couldn’t stay there and suggested she stay at her place. Spencer was frustrated Ali lied to the police, but Ali explained she was protecting Aria. Mrs. Marin struggled to carry out the assigned task from Mr. DiLaurentis. In the end, she did it; and when she walked away, Hanna leaned over and helped herself to some of the e-mails as well – one, in particular, that said, “I can’t protect you anymore.”

Toby showed up at Spencer’s house and explained he had gone to London to find Melissa. Emily went to find Aria, who was losing her mind. Emily tried to make her feel better, but Aria couldn’t figure out how to live with the fact that she killed Shauna. Meanwhile, Spencer and Toby got re-acquainted in Spencer’s bedroom.

Mr. DiLaurentis was suspicious of Mrs. DiLaurentis’ disappearance and blamed Jason. Emily stopped over to walk their newly adopted dog and heard some interesting conversation between the two. Aria returned home to find Mona and Mike enjoying pizza on the couch. Mona offered her a whistle she had made, hoping everyone could learn something from Ali’s disappearance, but Aria wanted no part of it.

Hanna dropped off what her mother found and shared the e-mail she saw with Emily out in the car. Jason knocked on the window and yelled at Hanna for what she delivered. Emily told Hanna to follow him when he got into his own car, so they did. They ended up in a bad area and went to check out the listing of names on the apartment. When a creepy man walked up to ask what they were doing, Emily lied and said she was looking to sublet an apartment. The man didn’t believe her and shooed them away.

Ali brought a rose to her “grave,” and Mona showed up. Ali tried to talk to her and said she needed her as a friend. Mona coldly told her she sent the text and that Ali was going to wish she had stayed dead.

Spencer went to Ali’s and found the front door unlocked. She walked in and found Jason sitting alone in the dark. Spencer confronted him, and Jason wondered if she thought he kidnapped Ali because of his dad. Just then, the new dog started barking in the backyard. Hanna, Aria, and Emily ran outside and saw a human hand sticking out of the ground just as Spencer and Jason ran outside.

The show ended with the police removing Mrs. DiLaurentis’ body from the ground. Mr. DiLaurentis and Jason stood aside, visibly upset, Spencer cried onto her mother’s shoulder, and Ali loomed under a black hood, going seemingly unnoticed.

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