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'Pretty Little Liars': What is the big mystery that is solved in season 5?

Sasha Pieterse plays Alison on "Pretty Little Liars"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Pretty Little Liars" season 5 will not air for quite some time, but showrunner Marlene King has already revealed a few hints on what to expect. On April 17, Carter Matt revealed that a big mystery is finally going to be solved in the upcoming season. It is expected to happen on the 100th episode, so now fans are speculating on what it could be.

The thing about "PLL" is that once one mystery is solved, it either raises questions surrounding it or more mysteries pop up to take its place. With the one that is going to be revealed, it will prompt questions. However, King promised that it would get viewers closer to something that has been talked about for a while.

So what could this big mystery be? While many of the questions in the past have surrounded "A," it doesn't seem like this is the case this time. Does it have something to do with Alison? There have been a lot of questions surrounding her character since the show began.

As for what else to expect, Alloy Entertainment revealed that Emily's relationships are going to be a big focus. Fans have to wonder if one of these relationships will include Alison. It's no secret how Emily feels about her, but when it comes to Ali, how she really feels about people is always questionable. It's hard to tell if she really does feel for others or if she just pretends in order to get what she wants.

International Business Times reported some other "Pretty Little Liars" season 5 spoilers. Fans should not miss the premiere episode because King said that is will feel like it is part of the finale. Caleb will also be returning, but he will be changed by what he experienced in Ravenswood. As for Alison's return, she will have to explain to others how she is back from the dead.

ABC will air the premiere of "Pretty Little Liars" season 5 on June 10. Are you looking forward to discovering what the big mystery reveal is? What are your theories on what is going to happen with the girls when the show returns?

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