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'Pretty Little Liars': 'Thrown From the Ride' recap

The stars of 'Pretty Little Liars'
The stars of 'Pretty Little Liars'
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Tonight, July 1, “Pretty Little Liars” started with Hanna and Aria going through some old books and discussing Hanna’s new hair style at school. A copy of “The Scarlet Letter” had Shana’s name written inside. Mona approached them and suggested they give the book to Ali, if she was going to return to school.

At home, Ali brought a box of clothes to get rid of downstairs. She told her dad she needed some supplies before going back to school. He wasn’t sure she should go back to school and wanted her to move into the place he had been staying at. Ali refused the idea, saying she couldn’t be split up from her friends. Spencer questioned her mom on what her dad and Melissa were hiding, but she wouldn’t give any information.

Mona and Lucas had a secret meeting, and Lucas wanted to call their plan off, saying he thought Ali had been punished enough. Mona assured him Ali’s story was fake. Emily continued helping Sydney with her swimming before joining her friends outside for lunch. They struggled with everyone watching them and asking them questions about Ali.

Ali’s dad told her Detective Holbrook had called and asked for Ali to come in for a medical exam from her kidnapping. Ali still didn’t want to go, so she told her dad she was hungry and asked for a sandwich. When he left, she started crying.

Aria sat in a computer lab at school and read a thank you e-mail from Ezra to the staff and students. She received a suspicious instant message from someone who turned out to be from her History class and searched Shana’s name on the internet. She found a recording of someone singing at Shana’s funeral and imagined Shana coming to life and staring at her.

Lucas checked in with Hanna at a coffee shop and had some questions about Ali, but Ali called and interrupted. Ali told Hanna she was going for a medical exam the next day and asked her to go with. Spencer recruited Andrew to help work on the yard, and the two of them found a dead possum and rat poison in the shed. Emily, Sydney, and Paige went out for lunch together, but Paige completely shut down when she caught Mona staring at them.

Spencer, Emily, and Aria talked about how things weren’t the same with Ali anymore. Spencer returned home to find her mother deep in thought. She told Spencer that Mrs. DiLaurentis had come to the house at one point to tell her she thought Spencer was responsible for Ali’s death when she was missing. Spencer’s dad had stopped her by threatening to tell about the affair if she went to the cops, but once she was getting divorced, there was nothing to stop her.

Meanwhile, the doctor asked Ali some questions that upset her during the exam. When she finished, she gave Hanna a recording of the questions the doctor had asked and told Hanna to share it with the other girls so they all had the same story. Ali wouldn’t reveal how she got a scar on her thigh and told Hanna once she knew something, she couldn’t un-know it.

Mona confronted Paige and told her if she wasn’t with her, she was against her. Aria obsessed over the video from Shana’s funeral. Spencer caught Ali looking stuff up about her disappearance online. Ali told Spencer someone messed with her mother’s pills, and her heart stopped. Spencer almost cried with relief, knowing it wasn’t her dad from the poison in their shed. Aria went to see Ezra and told him how she was feeling about Shana. Paige went to Emily to warn her to keep her distance from Ali if she returned to school.

Hanna tried to find some new clothes at the mall and wound up stealing one of the items after Spencer called her, frustrated about the recording. Spencer made Andrew dinner as a thank you and cut herself with a knife while she was cleaning up. She went to grab something from the cabinet and found the medication Ali said was in her mom’s system that killed her.

Ezra tried to make Aria feel better by distracting her. He grabbed them dinner, and they played checkers and chess. Aria asked if she could spend the night at his apartment on the couch so she didn’t have to go home to an empty house. Then, she changed her mind and left.

Emily went to see Ali and told her she didn’t think it was safe for her to return to school. Ali told Emily she was going to return to school before asking about the recording. Emily agreed to memorize it for her, but she said that was the last time.

Aria went to Spencer’s house to sleep over. Mr. Hastings returned home and said Mrs. Hastings was away at the spa. Over at her house, Ali continued to look up what people said about her online while she was missing.

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