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'Pretty Little Liars' theory: Why Mrs. DiLaurentis is not 'A'

Andrea Parker plays Jessica DiLaurentis in "Pretty Little Liars"
Andrea Parker plays Jessica DiLaurentis in "Pretty Little Liars"
PrettyLittleLiars ABCFamily/YouTube (screen capture)

"Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 23 will be airing tomorrow, then after that will be the season finale. Fans are anxious to have some answers, including finding out who "A" is. There are a lot of suspects, but it seems as if the list is narrowing. There have been different times when fans suspected Jessica DiLaurentis, but now more viewers are speculating that she has to be "A," especially after promo photos and sneak peeks show her acting very odd. On March 10, International Business Times asked the question of what is up with Ali's mom.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Pretty Little Liars" season 4 spoilers or fan speculation, then stop reading.

Shopping for Ali?

A sneak peek for "PLL" 4x23, titled "Unbridled" shows Hanna's mom wandering around the DiLaurentis home. She happens to walk into a bedroom and notices a shopping bag. Being curious, she opens it to find a studded leather miniskirt and a scarf. The skirt doesn't look like something Ali's mom would wear, in fact it seems like it would be more fitting for someone Ali's age to wear. Ashley Marin continues to investigate and pulls out the receipt, which shows the items were bought the day before.

Just then, Alison's mom walks in and isn't too happy that Ashley is in there. She snaps at her and gives her a glaring look. While it's understandable for someone to be upset when a guest is going through their things, something about her body language and facial expression screams that she is more than upset... she is downright angry. But what is she hiding? Who are the clothes for?

Some fans are speculating that the clothes are for Alison and that her mom knows she is alive. There have also been discussions online by fans who are debating about Ali's mom. Is Mrs. DiLaurentis "A?" Could this be true?

Is Mrs. DiLaurentis "A?"

While Mrs. DiLaurentis does act suspicious and behaves in a secretive, creepy way, it is unlikely that she is "A." For one, "A" appears to be physically fit and is able to run fast. The recent close ups of "A's" hands and forearms, even when wearing all black with gloves, appear to be longer and more slender than Jessica's, at least they did when "A" was picking up Ezra's manuscript for his book.

There is also "A's" lair that the girls found a while back. A lot of that equipment that was being used to spy on Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily would require technical knowledge, something younger people are better at. While there are some older people who do know about that stuff, Ali's mom doesn't seem the type that would.

Also, if she bought the clothes for Alison, then she knows she is alive and knows how to get in touch with her. Ali is frightened of "A," but she certainly could handle her own mother. Remember, Alison said that she thought she knew who she was hiding from, but that she was wrong.

Will "A's" identity be revealed?

It was recently announced that "Pretty Little Liars" was renewed for a season 5, so identifying "A" right now wouldn't leave any kind of storyline for next season. Showrunner Marlene King did say that fans would get answers in season 4, however, Marlene never said "A" themselves would be unveiled. Back in June 2013, The Wrap reported that King spoke about the "season for answers" and said fans will learn whether Ali is alive (which she is) and what happened the night she "died." She made no mention of finding out who "A" is.

To keep the story going, chances are that the girls will find someone who they think is "A," but it will turn out to be a member of the "A" team. That will allow for the storyline to continue through season 5.

Do you think that Mrs. DiLaurentis is "A?" What answers do you think fans will get during the next two episodes of "Pretty Little Liars" season 4?

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