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‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Why Jason could be ‘A’

'Pretty Little Liars' spoilers: Is Jason 'A?'
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Pretty Little Liars” fans got a lot of answers in the season 4 finale, but they didn’t find out who “A” was. However, hints from the episode could point to Jason DiLaurentis being the culprit, Hollywood News Daily reported on March 19.

According to the report, Jason is likely the main suspect to be “A” for multiple reasons. First off, he told Spencer he was at a rehab facility that had been closed down 2 years earlier.

Meanwhile, Ali told Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily that her mother had been the one to bury her alive, thinking she was dead after someone hit her over the head with a rock. “What have you done?” Mrs. D. kept repeating.

Could Ali’s mom be protecting her brother Jason? It makes sense that Mrs. D. wouldn’t want to see Jason go to jail for the murder of his sister.

Jason, who is also Melissa and Spencer’s brother due to an affair between his mother and Mr. Hastings, has always acted a bit suspicious when it came to the girls, and the “A” on the rooftop in the finale was built very much like a grown man.

Another clue that Jason could be “A” is his relationship with Melissa. In the finale Melissa told her father, “Spencer didn’t kill that girl,” and then leaned in to whisper the truth in his ear as he looked stunned. Was it because his son, Jason, killed her?

The finale scene was also telling. Mrs. D. was seen looking dead, being dragged through the yard and thrown into a hole only to be buried like Ali. Would Jason want to silence his mother because she knew too much?

Hopefully, all the answers to these questions will be revealed when “Pretty Little Liars” returns this summer on ABC Family.

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