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'Pretty Little Liars' speculation: Was Ezra telling the truth about the book?

Ian Harding plays Ezra on "Pretty Little Liars"
Ian Harding plays Ezra on "Pretty Little Liars"
PrettyLittleLiars ABCFamily/YouTube (screen capture)

The character of Ezra Fitz, played by Ian Harding, has always been complex and confusing. When Aria (Lucy Hale) discovered some disturbing information that he was hiding about Alison, he insisted that he was just writing a true crime book about her. Was he telling her the truth or is it just another cover up? On Feb. 22, WetPaint discussed Ezra and Aria.

Ezra is not "A"

When the show first began airing, Ezra seemed like a nice guy, a teacher who just happened to fall in love with Aria. Then viewers began seeing things that made them question who he really was and what his intentions were. There was even talk about him being "A" and that theory made complete sense, however, showrunner Marlene King recently told E!Online that Ezra was not "A," but was a "pretty little liar."

Ezra's explanation

When Aria went to the cabin to snoop around, she found a manuscript that revealed details about Ezra and Ali (Sasha Pieterse.) She was shocked, angry, confused and devastated. Then she began to wonder if he was the person Alison was so afraid of. As she ran through the woods and tried to escape Ezra by hopping on a lift, he caught up with her. He admitted that he lied about knowing Ali and said that he met her when he was in college and that he had no idea she was just a teenager. He then dropped a bombshell on Aria.... that he got close to her for journalistic purposes. Ouch.

He did say that he ended up falling in love with her and that he had nothing to do with Ali's disappearance or "death," but was writing a true crime book. So is he telling the truth or is it just another lie?

Is Ezra really writing a book about Ali?

There is a book manuscript, so that part is true. However, that doesn't mean he isn't the one Ali is frightened of. Also, just because he isn't "A" doesn't mean that he isn't on the "A" team. His odd behavior, his menacing tone of voice when speaking to Spencer (Troian Bellisario) about her pills and Mona (Janel Parrish) about helping him and a lot of other things don't quite add up to "nice guy just writing a book." There is more to the story.

Who picked up the pieces of paper?

Then there is the fact that someone wearing all black, including black gloves, went to the lift and picked up all of the pages of the manuscript that fell to the ground when Ezra and Aria were talking. Is there someone else who knows about the book and if so, why are they so interested in picking up the pictures? It could be Ezra, but the gloved hands looked too small and slender to be his. The person picking up the papers also seemed extremely calm and that is something that Ezra was quite upset over.

Was Ezra being completely honest with Aria?

While the book writing part of Ezra's explanation is believable, there seems to be a huge chunk that has been left out. Do you think Ezra was telling Aria the truth? Do you think there is more to the story?

The next episode of "Pretty Little Liars" airs on Feb. 25.

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