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'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5A finale spoiler: Does Caleb die?

Tyler Blackburn
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The summer season finale of “Pretty Little Liars” is set to air tonight. There has been a steady build up to allude to the fact that a major event was going to take place. For a few weeks now rumors have been flying about who will be dying. According to an August 26 tweet from Troian Bellisario, the “fAtalfinale” surprised even her. The tweet was a little mysterious, and fans are beginning to speculate what it really means.

Last week fans saw Caleb and Hanna connect on another level. He finally told her how he was feeling, and the Quija board moved toward “goodbye” while they were kissing. This has lead to speculation that either Caleb or Hanna may die. Since Caleb was absent so much during Season 4, his connection to the liars isn't as heavy anymore. If Hanna is the one to die, things will get crazier in Rosewood.

Twitter has been buzzing about the summer finale. The feed for “Pretty Little Liars” has been filled with speculations on whether or not fans will actually be shown the death tonight. Many anticipate that the writers will hold it off until Season 5B begins in January. If that does happen, it could make for a lot of unhappy viewers.

All day the ABC Family channel has been running a marathon so fans could catch up on the “Pretty Little Liars” episodes they may have missed. If the writers have written Caleb off, it will be a sad night for fans. His connections with Ravenswood have left his character dark and that may have lead to his demise in Rosewood.

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