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'Pretty Little Liars' season 5: Mid-season finale synopsis

The "Pretty Little Liars" season 5 mid-season finale will air in only a few weeks and viewers are wondering what will happen when it airs. On Aug. 8, WetPaint posted the synopsis for the episode. Titled "Taking This One to the Grave," it certainly sounds like more trouble is ahead for the girls.

Sasha Pieterse plays Alison on "Pretty Little Liars"
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Alison and the other girls are starting to divide and there are a lot of fans who believe they should drop Ali for good. The synopsis for this episode states that the girls have turned their backs on their "friend," so Ali is building her own army. It sounds like a battle is coming up ahead. The question is, Alison doesn't have a whole lot of friends, so exactly who would be joining her army? It seems that she probably knows secrets about a lot of people and might use those to get her way.

It was also revealed that the Liars will feel trapped by both Alison and "A." So they will get help from an unexpected person. Based on the promo photos of "Pretty Little Liars" season 5 mid-season finale, it looks like their unlikely ally will be Mona.

In "Taking This One to the Grave," Ali will lead the girls down a dangerous path. Where Alison is concerned, everything is dangerous on some level. The "PLL" wikia revealed that Emily and Mona will have a scene together in this episode. Bethany's killer will be identified and Officer Barry will appear. Mona's mother, Leona, will be introduced and Alison will have to take a lie detector test.

It seems that things are going to get really intense. What are your theories on "Taking This One to the Grave?" Find out what will happen when the "Pretty Little Liars" season 5 mid-season finale airs on Aug. 26.

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