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'Pretty Little Liars' season 4: Who will Emily choose?

Shay Mitchell plays Emily on "Pretty Little Liars"
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for DirecTV

On "Pretty Little Liars" season 4, everything has been about "A" and Ali or something to do with unraveling the threads of secrets. But the characters are in high school, which means that they also have passionate and complicated love lives. Emily is with Paige and they are a favorite of fans. But once viewers discovered that Emily and Ali, dubbed "Emison" by fans, shared some kisses in the past, one has to wonder if Emily will stay with Paige or if her heart really belongs to Ali. On Feb. 12, E!Online spoke to Sasha Pieterse and Shay Mitchell to get the details on their relationship.

Paige and Emily make an adorable couple and fans are rooting for them, but there have been some issues in their relationship. Even though they have had some tense moments, it is easy to see their deep love for one another. But then Ali showed up alive and that could change things.

It was known that Emily had feelings for Alison, but it was only recently that fans discovered that the two actually shared some romantic kisses. While some argue that Emily and Paige have a strong relationship, when Emily was getting ready to meet Ali, she took a long time getting ready. She was making sure her hair and makeup were just right and kept changing which jacket she was going to wear. It was almost as if she were getting ready for a date. Unfortunately fans didn't get to see if the two would talk about their feelings or if the meeting just had to do with "A" because Spencer followed her, scaring Ali away and making her feel betrayed.

The biggest question here isn't if Emily still has feelings for Ali because it is obvious that she does, but does Alison feel the same way?

Shay Mitchell plays Emily on "Pretty Little Liars" and she doesn't believe that Alison's feelings are real. She said,

"I think Ali was playing. I know that Emily had deep-rooted feelings for Alison, and she was like her first real love. And I think she also opened her eyes to be like, OK, I have feelings for another person who is a girl and obviously that opened up another door. But for Emily, 100 percent it's real, and I don't think it ever went away, even when she was supposed to be dead for a little while."

If it is true that Alison was just playing with Emily, that shouldn't shock fans. Alison seems to like to play a lot of games, both with the mind and the heart. It is ironic how now she is in the center of "A's" game.

But back to Ali's true feelings, Sasha Pieterse has a different take on her character. She said that her character may have been just as confused as Emily was. She also stated,

"I think Alison is desperate for someone that she can trust, and so she's kind of grabbing at straws at the moment. But I think she really does love Emily and feels close to her and still feels that connection. And I honestly do feel that Alison had real feelings for her."

When Spencer interrupted what was supposed to be a private meeting between Alison and Emily, it created a lot of tension and anger. Emily was upset that Spencer scared their friend away, she never got to find out why she wanted to meet with her alone and Ali looked like she felt completely betrayed. Pieterse explained that her character needed that connection because she had been hiding out so long. Then when Spencer showed up, it devastated her.

But Spencer felt that Ali was just manipulating Emily's emotions to get what she wanted. Manipulation is something that Ali does very well. Pieterse said,

"Honestly, I think she learned all these bad habits from her mother, and her mother is very manipulative. She's scarred by that emotionally and physically, and so I think once she learned that she had that power over someone, she used it to her advantage and she used it a lot, time and time again."

Time will only tell if Ali really does have feelings for Emily or not, but it is likely that she may be confused on what real love is. She is confident, charming and knows how to get what she wants. If the two do end up together, Emily will probably end up with a broken heart in the end.

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