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'Pretty Little Liars' season 4 episode 23 spoiler:Why Spencer's in wedding dress

Troian Bellisario
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Next week on a new episode of "Pretty Little Liars" fans have seen the preview and are very confused on why Spencer Hastings is in a wedding dress. On March 5, Wet Paint revealed why she has on a wedding dress during season 4 episode 23.

The preview shows Spencer as she is running through the woods. She is trying to get away from someone, but it is unknown who is chasing her. She has on a wedding dress and veil. This made a lot of fans wonder if she decided to marry Toby at the last minute or what is going on with her.

Actually it appears that it is just an outfit she is wearing for a fashion show. On this episode, the girls are all dressed up for Mrs. D's charity bridal show so that is more than likely the reason she has on the wedding gown. That makes a lot more sense than her running off to get married all of a sudden.

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