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'Pretty Little Liars' season 4, episode 21 spoiler roundup

Lucy Hale plays Aria on "Pretty Little Liars"
Photo by Frazer Harrison

"Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 21 is titled "She's Come Undone" and it is pretty clear that Aria isn't going to have an easy time dealing with the Ezra situation. However, she isn't the only one that is going to have some difficulties. On Feb. 24, WetPaint revealed some things that viewers can expect when the show airs. If you do not want to know spoilers for the upcoming episode, then do not continue reading.

Aria reads Ezra's journal

The main thing that fans should expect is Aria becoming angry and she completely loses it. She goes to Ezra's apartment and discovers his journal, which has details about Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer's lives, going all the way back to the first season. His journal reveals that Jason is a possible suspect because he had been drinking the night that Ali disappeared. He could not account for his actions or where he was. The journal also reveals,

"Aria recently learned that Jason was taking voyeuristic pictures of her... potentially tracking Aria's every [move?]."

Ezra also wrote that Caleb is "tech-savvy" and can hack into cell phones. He suspected that he could have been working with Jenna.

He also jotted down that Mona was not "A" multiple times in the journal. Then he brings up the "new 'A'" in his journal,

"'A' is still making their presence known... is this new 'A'... Mona working for this person."

And the most horrible thing for Aria to read is Ezra's journal stating that she doesn't suspect anything. After reading this, Aria flies into a rage and destroys his apartment. She wants him to suffer, but Hanna tells her that not only is he going to suffer, that he will be going to jail. On one of the sneak peeks that was released, there is an image of someone in handcuffs, but the face is not revealed.

Aria will also want answers from him and in a sneak peek she says,

"I don't know where the truth begins and the lies end."

However, she may not get the answers she is seeking. It turns out that Ezra will not be in the classroom. He takes some time off for a "family emergency."

Spencer's big secret isn't her drug addiction

Spencer is also going through a difficult time, but unlike Aria, this is her own doing. She is abusing ADHD medication and in addition to her friends knowing, Toby and her parents also found out. Now her parents want her to go to rehab, but she insists that she can kick the habit on her own.

While it is unknown if this is going to happen in episode 21 or a later episode, but it has been revealed that her behavior is only going to get worse. Oliver Goldstick said that Spencer has huge holes in her memory and there is someone who was taking notes the summer that Ali disappeared and will be reminding her. Goldstick told E!Online,

"With Spencer, there are big gaping holes in her memory which will serve as incredibly difficult realizations about what she may have done. There are revelations and realizations that she maybe had confrontations or ugly encounters that she may have blotted out and can't remember.”

During the mid-season break, it was revealed that Spencer would have a new storyline and that a secret would be discovered. There were a lot of theories, but in the past few episodes fans thought it had to do with her addiction. However, actress Troian Bellisario told WetPaint,

“There’s definitely a lot of guilt. Spencer always has a big secret, but this is a big one.”

She added,

“And, this is what’s so great about the show. They are unafraid to keep something like this for almost four seasons. We’re going to learn what actually happened the night Ali disappeared, and it’s going to be so fulfilling for fans who have been waiting years for it to all come together. The fans are going to find something out about Spencer this season that the girls didn’t know anything about. It’s going to be a very interesting turn in her life.”

What do you think is going to happen in "Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 21? Do you think all of the spoilers about Spencer will be revealed in "She's Come Undone" or will it be shown in a future episode?

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