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'Pretty Little Liars' season 4, episode 19: Spoilers for 'Shadow Play'

Troian Bellisario will have a "Spencer-centric" episode in "Shadow Play"
Troian Bellisario will have a "Spencer-centric" episode in "Shadow Play"
PrettyLittleLiars ABCFamily/YouTube (Screen Capture)

This season of "Pretty Little Liars" has been intense so far and it looks like things are going to continue to get interesting. On Jan. 31, WetPaint revealed some spoilers for season 4, episode 19 that should get fans excited for the episode titled "Shadow Play" to air.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 19 spoilers, then stop reading.

"Shadow Play" will be in black and white with a 1940s theme complete with the style from that time period as well as plenty of shadows. It is also going to be a "Spencer-centric" episode and writer Joseph Dougherty tweeted that episode 19 is emotionally honest and a grounded way to see the characters.

The synopsis for the episode reads,

"Spencer's numerous sleepless nights with the help of prescription pills start to take a toll on her as her hunt for Ali and much needed answers continues. As she pours over newly acquired information, her worldview takes a black and white turn. Now teleported into the world of 1940's Film Noir, Spencer tries to come up with the answers she and her friends have been desperately looking for."

Last September, Dougherty told WetPaint,

“Much of 4x19 is about the relationships, as they’ve been created over the last three or years, but everything is heightened and intensified. That means the emotions you’re used to will be intensified. There will be an intense attraction between [Spencer and Toby], but at the same time, these are two people who have kept secrets from each other, and that has had an affect on their personal trust level. There’s still things being worked out there, so there’s an intensity in the relationship that you’ll see between Spencer and Toby.”

Spencer decides to let Emily and Hanna know about her suspicions about Ezra. The three meet in the school bathroom according to promo photos. Since Aria is absent from the photo, could this mean that the three are going to find out without letting her know? It's possible since they don't want to see her hurt unnecessarily, but they must find out the truth.

Alison is also going to appear in "Shadow Play" and she will be dressed in 1940s style, too. She has said that episode 19 is her favorite episode ever, so perhaps she will get more than just a few minutes of air time.

Also, Paige and Emily will have a scene together. Dougherty tweeted,

“Directing @shaymitch & @LadyShawsters makes me think it's time to write something to go with The Yellow Sweater.”

"Pretty Little Liars" season 4, episode 19 will air on Feb. 11.

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