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'Pretty Little Liars': Marlene King and cast reveal season 5 spoilers

The season 5 premire of "Pretty Little Liars" is almost here and fans couldn't be more excited. So what is to be expected when the show finally returns? On June 2, Glamour posted juicy "PLL" spoilers that come directly from showrunner Marlene King and some of the cast members. To find out some details on what to expect, keep reading.

Lucy Hale plays Aria on "Pretty Little Liars"
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

First, showrunner Marlene King said that she already knows how the series will end, although she doesn't know when that will be. She said that there are a lot of storylines, so they won't run out of things to put on the show. However, when ABC Family gives her the message that "PLL" isn't as relevant as it should be, she just asks for a twelve episode warning. So when the series does come to an end, it will be wrapped up. Fans don't have to worry about unanswered questions or a cliffhanger that will never be resolved.

King also revealed that viewers are going to be happy about Emily and Alison. She wouldn't elaborate, but did say that in the 100th episode, fans are going to be very happy about some things. She also talked about the identity of "A." This season a huge clue will be revealed and at the end of season 5, fans will get "a really big nugget that will get fans very excited."

As for Ezra and Aria, King said that the two characters are soulmates, whether they are together or not. Fans have to wonder if they will get back together next season. A promo for the season 5 premiere of "Pretty Little Liars" shows Aria at his bedside, holding his hand, hoping he will recover.

As fans know, Caleb is returning to Rosewood, but does that mean he and Hanna will get back together? It was revealed that Caleb and Hanna will start things off pretty rocky. She felt like he abandoned her and his return is going to be a surprise for Hanna. He will want things to go back to the way they were, but she won't share that desire. The do end up coming back together "in some capacity" and it was also said that Caleb will be in a pretty dark place. Fans will have to wait to see if the two end up becoming a couple again or not.

Alison's return will be a huge storyline in season 5. When she comes back out into the open, she will rip up the town like a hurricane. When she returns, everyone is going to remember the things that she did and how she made everyone feel. There will be a lot of baggage, a lot of mistrust and her relationship with the girls will be very interesting.

Spencer and Toby were also discussed. It was revealed that the couple will still have a lot of problems. Toby will return from London and the two will connect more because she will put down some of those walls she had up. That second part sounds like there is hope for Toby and Spencer. Also, Toby will come back with long hair. Actor Keegan Allen grew his hair out so he could donate it to Locks of Love.

What do you think is going to happen on "Pretty Little Liars" season 5? Which characters are you looking forward to seeing when the show returns to ABC Family?

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