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'Pretty Little Liars' actors talk about Ezra and Aria's future

Lucy Hale plays Aria on "Pretty Little Liars"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ezra and Aria were a nice couple until he began acting suspicious. Fans wondered if he was connected to "A" and pretty soon, the Liars wondered the same thing. However, viewers were thrown for a loop when it was discovered that he simply got close to Aria because he was writing a book about Alison. On March 17, Zap2It reported what actors Ian Harding and Lucy Hale had to say about a possible future for their characters on the show.

Warning: There may be possible "PLL" spoilers ahead. If you do not want to know what could happen, then stop reading.

Lucy Hale plays the role of Aria Montgomery on "Pretty Little Liars" and a lot of fans think that the two are over. But what if they are wrong? Could Aria ever forgive him? She told Zap2It at the 2014 Paleyfest panel,

"I feel like all the girls in general are pretty forgiving. Especially with Ezra, I feel like she's let him in when she shouldn't have let him in and vice versa. So I want to say she will forgive him, but things are kind of up in the air with them right now."

Ian Harding, who plays Ezra Fitz said that even if they did end up back together, it wouldn't be the same.

It sounds like even if the two characters did come back together, too much has happened. It just wouldn't "work" they way it used to.

As for his character's storyline, Harding said,

"I just constantly was asking questions. 'There's got to be something here, the storyline of just simply dating a teenager [can't be all].' Yeah, that's something, but he's got something else going on. This is a good way of showing he's a guy who's clearly driven by obsession, and very obviously has a total disdain for the law."

What do you think will happen with Ezra and Aria on the next season of "Pretty Little Liars?" Could the two reconcile or will they remain apart?

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