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'Pretty Little Liar's" Hannah's new love is possibly revealed

In the newest clip released, on Jan. 10 by ABC Family, "Pretty Little Liars" Hannah recently had a break up with long time boyfriend, Caleb but does this clip reveal who Hannah's new boyfriend will be?

'Pretty Little Liar's" Hannah's new love is possibly revealed
ABC Family

Rumors and websites are abuzz that Hannah will be pairing up with the gas station boy, Travis played by Luke Kleintank. In this upcoming episode, "Love Shack Baby", Hannah and Travis meet up for coffee and a little flirting is going on between the two. Is he her new love interest? Many fans think so.

Travis has had his eye on Hannah since they first met last season at his dad's gas station and then later at the dance.

You can see the clip here.

There are also multiple hints from the show in this clip, like the police are looking for CeCe for the death of Wilden because there was a huge cash deposit into her bank account.

Also this episode, each girl will read their deep dark secrets in the diary and none of them are ready for anyone, including each other to know about it. Each story is more intense than the last one and each girl is scared that their weakness will get out.

And this episode must include Ezra and his creepy shack hence the title of the episode, "Love Shack Baby" and what does Spencer's dad have to talk about with Mrs. DiLaurentis? Oh that's right, their son.

So, now that Alison is back, will their lives get even more complicated? Is Hannah and Caleb really over? Is Travis her new love?

"Pretty Little Liars" next episode will air this Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST.

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