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Pretty Hot & Tempting Filmmaking - Alton Glass' Journey

Alton Glass
Alton Glass
courtesy of Alton Glass

“It’s about temptations that we all encounter and how they can become our vice,” writer and director, Alton Glass says about his new film that stars too many sex symbols to count on one hand. Boris KodjoeDavid BannerRichard Roundtree, Former Miss America, Kenya MooreBilly ZaneBai Ling  and Brazilian Supermodel, Camila Alves all make up the tempting cast of The Confidant.

There are many flavorful ingredients that make this movie, a dish to die for.

Becoming involved in this project happened after Glass had done a movie produced by Michael Kimbrew entitled Marco Polo. The horror/thriller was nominated for Best Director at American Black Film Festival.

“I wrote the story several years ago and stockpiled the idea. I eventually let the producer read the treatment and she loved it and hired me to flush it out and write the screenplay,” Glass says looking back on the early stages of The Confidant.

At the time, Glass says he was probably just in a place of dealing with friendships and how they can sometimes drastically change because of circumstances. The steamy plot touches on how that thin line between friends and enemies can be crossed at any time.

Georgia State University  is where he started his filmmaking journey but since there wasn’t a film program, he majored in Psychology. Eventually Glass deferred his studies and went to a technical school for camera called Hollywood CPR . “I learned true down and dirty filmmaking,” Glass says about the program.

Currently, Glass is keeping up with his studies. “I am working on my Master's from U.T.E which is "University of Trial & Error". As they say, life makes some of the best teachers and experience helps you pass any test.

For those who plan to work on their Masters at U.T.E, he has his own recipe for success. “Never set out to make it. Just do it and push for growth because once you decide you are a filmmaker then you already made it and now you just need to hone your craft and grow.”

While many filmmakers associate with the “urban” category, Glass has a different perspective. “I don't identify with "urban" I just feel we make movies about our experiences,” he says. “I can say that African Americans who want Prime Rib vs. McDonalds all the time need to support the diversity in films that we make as African American filmmakers.” Glass feels that the classification is pushed down people’s throats and he compares it to “fast food joints on every corner in the hood.”

“If we want good product we must support, otherwise all you get is McDonald’s 99 cent menu - which means we are making Boyz in the Hood Part XV."

As far as upcoming projects, Glass’ plate is full. He says he is to direct a 3-part teen drama series for Tyler Perry Studios called Georgia Sky sometime this year. “In the meantime, I sold another screenplay to the production company of my last film,” he adds.

The busy man also has several other entertainment projects in development. On another note, he recently opened a clothing store inspired by Film and Fashion called FEARLESS WEIRDOS which is located in Atlanta.

Mr. Glass may have a lot on his menu and therefore, a lot to celebrate - but with his proven track record of quality projects, Prime Rib is suitable for the occasion.

For more information on the filmmaker, check out or e-mail him at



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