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Pretty in cobalt for those April showers

Soïa & Kyo Packable Anorak, $135 at

The weather in Southern Connecticut has been amazing since summer started. What? It's not summer? Oh yeah, I forgot. Well, the weather has been so amazing here (with only a few really hot days thrown into the mix) that the other day I said to my husband, “Man, I love summertime!” and he was all, “Summer? The first day of spring was like a week ago.”

Oh, I'm sorry, Season Police.

So yeah, it's Spring, and what's the saying? April showers bring May flowers? Yes, that's the one. Well the showers have started. This past week has been mostly overcast with some sunshine here and there, and though my Android says “thunderstorms” and gives me the visual aid of a raincloud and animated windshield wiper (it'll never get old, so cute!) I have yet to hear thunder; which is fine by me because as much as I love hearing that roar of glory from the heavens it sometimes scares me.

The weather we've had is what I like to call Anything Goes Weather. Also known as the weather in L.A. almost year-round. Anything Goes Weather is between 60 and 75 degrees with the perfect breeze and the right amount of sunshine. It's the kind of weather that you can't sweat or burn in so weather (ha! get it?) you're in a strapless dress or a thin sweater you'll fit right in. Of course Anything Goes Weather has its pitfalls too. I.e. the girl with the too-short shorts with one side permanently stuck in a wedgie. Wedgie Girl, please call me. I WANT TO HELP YOU.

In the Fall I wear a lot of ponchos and oversized sweaters. Problem is these items don't translate well into this time of year for one simple reason: the material is not water resistant. This is a major downfall since non-water resistant fabrics can get easily soaked (hitting you with a bad cold) and/or they can start to smell since there's no place for the rainwater to escape to. Think wet towels. Yuck!

All it took was a few days of rain to make me start looking for raincoats. But it's not just the rain I'm worried about. In this area flurries and snow can and will come without warning so I started looking for something that will have me covered in rain that can turn into hail or even flurries.

I'd like to have all my basis covered.

So I started searching and of course the first jacket I loved was almost $600. Ugg. So the search continued until I landed on this adorable anorak in a beautiful cobalt (a trending color this season!) and more affordable since it's under $150.

(The coat also comes in black, which I find too plain with this style and khaki, which reminds me of the mud woman in the Swiffer commercials. But at least you have options).

This piece that will keep you covered from the elements. Maybe not a snow storm, but definitely April showers. I love the large hoodie (for those moments where you don't need an umbrella but don't want your head wet), and the drawstring waist that keeps the fit contemporary.

The only 2 things I'd like to change about this piece is the hem line and the slit in the back. I wish this anorak were about 4 inches longer and I'd get rid of the awkwardly placed opening around the back. A slit is stylish on a trench, but feels pointless on a raincoat per the following scenario: it's raining and I need to sit on a bench that's wet and I'm counting on my coat to keep my pants and/or bottom of my top dry, but no! look! there's a slit that will open when I sit down thus creating a situation where I now have a giant wet spot where no woman wants to have a giant wet spot!


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