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Pretend Democrats or Right Wing Republicans, pick your poison

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President Obama spoke at a Walmart two days ago, May 9th, 2014 . He did this ostensibly to promote solar power but Walmart ? Yes, just 48 hours ago someone allowed the president to go to this controversial global/mega store chain known as Walmart.

So, brothers and sisters...before we go kissing some of my fellow democratic leadership's behinds about how great of democratic leaders they've been I want to remind us all of the large cuts in Food Assistance (Food Stamps) that congress made with the passage of the 2014 Agricultural Act

Sure...we can say our democratic leadership had no choice but....let's face between "chained CPI" for Social Security ( the president backs this) and the poisoned water of West Virginia and a watered down (no pun intended) EPA response.. the obvious collusion of these DINO turned Vichy Democrats is all to apparent . But yet....let's not believe our lying eyes as these "Third Way" conservative democrats work with the republicans to defeat us from within the ranks of our own party at the highest levels.

Oh...and let's not forget the president's love of corporate charter schools that do not have parentally elected school boards ("Race to the Top"). Rahm Emanuel democratic mayor of Chicago loves that last detail as he implies how terrible public education is and tries to close public schools there .

Of course...the BP oil spill is another infamous favorite of the federal government seemed to low ball the numbers of gallons of oil flowing out of the leaking under water oil well and...then proclaimed how safe the food caught in the Gulf of Mexico was. And, when I say federal government I mean more specifically the Executive branch.

But of course....the right wing republicans make it very convenient for me to feel sorry for him (our president) because every time I want to hold our president to real account...the right wing extremists fire up their hate machine against him and I, like many other democrats go into full protection mode. How convenient.

Then just days ago last week the president goes and speaks inside a Walmart store . Great free advertising for Walmart. All the while knowing that Walmart allegedly treats its employees like crap when it comes to a living wage.

Of course....this last act of the president...our titular head of the democratic party will negatively effect the upcoming November elections because many left leaning independents not to mention a large amount of undecided young people who can vote are going to compare the words of some of our democratic leaders like the president who seem to preach: "Do as I say and not: Do as I do." And, this sadly will hurt or negatively effect some very real democratic congressional candidates in November.

Of course, my socialist, Green party and independent left leaning friends say...."We told you so" but then I we not vote for the crooked "Vichy" democrats and let the right wing corporate extremist Koch Brothers win through their hand picked candidates we vote for the V.D.s (Vichy Democrats) and hold our noses ? The response, brothers and sisters is yours alone to decide for now and ... I do emphasize the words "for now".

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