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Preteen makeup tips

Preteen years are a chance to find out who you are and develop a fashion image. You will try and trash a lot of styles over the next few years. Makeup is a strong part of the image you want to create. Just like clothes, makeup reveals to the world the kind of girl you are and your self journey.

The age you wear makeup is between you and your parents. Some parents have stricter rules than others. The wonderful thing about makeup is it is never permanent . Good makeup remover and you are on to the next application.

Preteen skin is changing and breakouts are common. Clinique is a division of Estee Lauder and has a great 3 step program for preteen skin.The Clinique acne line works well for breakouts. The Clinique Acne Solutions liquid makeup is a good basic foundation for problem skin at any age.

Working out and not drinking enough water can make your lips dry. If you are doing any outside sports, remember to keep a sunscreen on your lips even during winter time. I recommend Lipdrink 15 SPF Lip Balm. It has a nice sheen but ads a lot of moisture to the lips.

Use a mascara one that makes your lashes pop without drying them out. e.l.f. volume mascara is a good choice at only $3.00. Do not use a waterproof everyday unless you need it for sports. Waterproof is not smear proof. When oil from skin, makeup, moisturizer or other sources touch mascara, it will smudge. This is true for all waterproof makeup.

E.l.f. products are a good starting point in cosmetics. I encourage you to take time and review the website. They make good quality products at a low cost price point. This is a great site to share with friends.

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