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Press screenings for Fox's 'Gotham' TV series bring positive reviews

According to on Friday, press screenings of the first pilot episode of Fox's "Gotham" were held last night. Creator Bruno Heller of "The Mentalist" figures that with such a powerful franchise, there's no need to keep the "big players" of characters under wraps. Heller figures it's just best to make them better known sooner than later.

Actor Ben McKenzie arrives at the 13th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles on June 7th, 2014.
Photo by Jason Merritt

The screenings took place in New York and Los Angeles and press reviews made their way to Twitter to give insight to the public as to what to look forward to. Firstly, the show stars "Southland's" Ben Mckenzie, playing Detective James Gordon and "Vikings'" Donald Logue, portraying Detective Harvey Bullock. This main duo are opposing the criminal vermin of the city and the events take place in pre-Batman Gotham where crime is in its infancy and the origins of the characters are finally made known.

Heller figures that by bringing the major players such as Penguin, Riddler, Cat Woman, and Poison Ivy immediately into to the light as opposed to stifling them under a "bushel." At that point, this is where it would matter to bring things under control. Heller has his comparisons between TV and the movies when it comes to this situation.

"The deal with TV shows as opposed to movies is it's like theater, you can see what people are liking, what they're not liking; what you should do more of, what you should do less of. So we'll adjust as we go along."

Going back to the Twitter accounts and the exciting new preview reports from certain press sources, they seemed most impressed.

Brian Steinberg of Variety tweeted, “And while the Dark Knight does not appear in the show, a young Bruce Wayne maintains a strong presence.”

That being said, for those who aren't familiar with the synopsis of the series, Bruce Wayne is a young child and this is the moment where it takes place around his parents death leaving him orphaned. This is seen in the pilot and this is the point where everything ramps up towards the inevitable evolution of the Batman or more appropriately the Dark Knight since this is in more of the ambiance of the Christopher Nolan films. Heller did claim that his series will fare much better special effects than the movies.

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