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Press Release: Purpose for Women International 4 International Women's Day!


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COLUMBUS, OH (June 18, 2014) Purpose for Women International has launched an Indigogo Crowd Funding campaign today to support its many initiatives. The non-profit corporation was found by Heather L. Tapia in order to host International Women’s Day in Columbus, Ohio. International Women’s Day is a one hundred and three year old international holiday not officially recognized in the United States. Part of Purpose for Women International’s mission is to build awareness for this event in local cities across the nation in the hopes of it officially becoming a nationally recognized holiday.

“This year’s IWD Charity Celebration was so much easier than our first year (March 2013).” said Heather L. Tapia, Director of Purpose for Women International. “People are really starting to pay attention and come together. I can’t wait to plan next year’s event, which is why we are launching our fundraising efforts early.”

Crowd Funding is a new unique way individuals, organization, artists and many others are sharing their passions for creativity, invention and community action with the world and enlisting their monetary support. Indigogo is just one of the platforms available. “As part of the services PWI provides to other non-profits, we offer consulting on crowd funding and event coordination. We want everyone to be in the ‘Winning Circle’.” One key to crowd funding is to have attractive “PERKS” or “Incentives which motivate the potential investor to do so because they like what you have to offer based on different dollar amounts invested.

Purpose for Women International is asking your support to continue their mission to provide access to resources, funding, education, entrepreneurial opportunities and empowerment events. We partner with other non-profits to support their purpose, mission and vision. Specifically PWI will be using the funds to file their application for tax exempt status, to bring the “Miss Representation” movie for discussion with local youth organizations and continued organization for the 2015 International Women’s Day Charity celebration to be held at Monaco’s Palace on March 7th, 2015.

PWI’s PERKS start at a simple five dollar donation where the contributor receihttp://www.Choles-corner.comves an image file sent to their email to encourage posting as their social media profile picture and ends with a $250 donation and three gift baskets. PWI offers a "Women's Awareness" Gift basket designed by The Basket K.A.C.E. in Columbus, OH ( filled with Books, Literature, tips and words of encouragement created by PWI members. Topics: Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Self-esteem and encouraging women to run for office! The "Women's Empowerment" Gift basket also designed by The Basket K.A.C.E. in Columbus, OH ( includes the book-The Five Steps to Abundance, Mini-Vision Board, and other items donated by PWI members.

The Purpose for Women international 4 International Women’s Day ends July 20th and includes a calendar of live local Columbus events and appearances where attendees can purchase raffle tickets for donated prizes, enter a karaoke contest to win a cruise* on July 10th and celebrate an evening of Women of Art , Fashion & Poetry.

Visit Indigogo and pledge

Thank you to our supporters: Unlimited Media, Women's Business Center of Ohio, Lehner Signs, Painting and More, Jennifer Scott-Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, Cash Back-Call Vikki, Chole's Corner, Heather Faser-Beyond Change Coach, Inner Harmony Health and Wellness, Senior Agenda with Lisa Stockdale, Urban Trendsetters News Magazine, PWI Radio, Crowd Funding Live Blogtalk radio and Indigog for creating this platform. AND to all of a new supporters!

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