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Press Release | New book launch by author Sarah Hill

Posie Pixie and The Torn Tunic
Sarah Hill

This Saturday, February 8, 2014, is the new book launch of Sarah Hill's Posie Pixe and The Torn Tunic, 3rd in the Whimsy Wood series of illustrated children's books, published by Abela Publishing. The book launch will be held in WHSmiths (a national book shop chain) in Bath, United Kingdom.

Posie Pixie and The Torn Tunic is written for fall when the leaves on the trees in Whimsy Wood are beautiful crimson reds, burnt oranges and mellow yellows; and when the blackberries on the bramble bushes are ripe and ready for picking, and giant funnel mushrooms are growing everywhere!

Each book in the series has a proverb sited for readers to chew on, and the proverb this story is, 'A stitch in time saves nine'.

60 pages of an adventure filled story and fun illustrations with Posie Pixie is more than enough to get your little ones excited about spending some time in the magical forest of Whimsy Woods! Here are some raving reviews of readers of the Whimsy Wood Series:

"Posie Pixie just gets better and better! I love all the animal characters!" Poppaea Aldridge aged 5 yrs.

"Think of the best bits from Enid Blyton's fantastical stories for very young children." Chopsy-Baby, Bristol's Online Parenting Magazine.

"I love the Posie Pixie books! I really like reading about the nature in the forest and the colours that you can find there." Freddie Lea aged 6 yrs.

"This engaging tale of the Whimsy Wood folk and their merry antics, will enchant children and transport them into the world of make-believe!" Mrs. Carol Clough, Headteacher at Crockerton and Heytesbury Primary Schools, Wiltshire.

"I love reading this story and I imagine being a Pixie and going on adventures like Posie." Kate Hagelthorn aged 6 yrs.

"I really liked reading this book and finding out about Posie Pixie's next adventure. I'd like to meet those ants!" Thomas Antrobus aged 6 yrs.

Get a copy of your book today which is already available on Amazon.

Other books in the Whimsy Wood series:

* Posie Pixie and the Copper Kettle

* Posie Pixie and the Lost Matchbox

Happy Reading!

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