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Press Release | New app release, with recipes, for Merilee Kern's new book!

Child health advocate and author of the award-winning children's book Making Healthy Choices - A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids , Merilee A. Kern, has released “Kids Making Healthy Choices App". The book and the App are written and produced for overweight and obese children, to motivate and guide them into a healthy lifestyle. The APP, which is made for the iPhone® and iPad®, has numerous resources for parents, caregivers, teachers and educators to help children achieve better eating habits and a more healthy lifestyle.

The App features six sections:

1. The children’s story – The eBook format of the illustrated children’s paperback "Making Healthy Choices—A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids" , is a fictional tale of a boy's and a girl's struggle with obesity. The entire family is over-weight, as a result of poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle. However, with the family's decision to pursue a healthy way of life, due to the main characters' diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, the family work together as a team to achieve this goal. The book "...garnered acclaim from Oprah Winfrey's personal trainer Bob Greene and Sally Jessy Raphael...".

The eBook contains simple, kid-friendly interface and users can access the App without internet access, once downloaded. With page thumbnails, users can easily move from from chapter to chapter, and it is touch responsive.

2. Story discussion and question prompts - The e-Book is designed to encourage interaction between adults and children, to help facilitate important discussions about the story, the outcome, and ways in which one can be more healthy. This section comes complete with Boy and Girl-version questions for discussion. This Q&A can also be impactful in a classroom setting, since the question prompts are subject sensitive.

3. Fun activities – The App "contains gender-specific, health-themed game and activity sheets that include a Healthy Food Crossword Puzzle, Maze, Word Scramble, Letter Shuffle and Connect the Dots". Kids can view these in PDF format, or in print in the whole booklet form in order to utilize the fun worksheets offline.

4. Healthy kid-friendly recipes – The Kids Making Healthy Choices App features recipes that have an assortment of healthy food and drink choices for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, side dishes, and dessert. The Recipe section is user-friendly with alphabetized categories, keyword response searches, and 'favorite' bookmark. The recipes are yummy too!

For some healthy food tips for the family, view the featured video with this article.

5. Free online tools and resources – Features online quizzes, interactive games, videos,and also other useful kids’ health APPs that are available on the internet.

6. Research, information and news – This section has a quick reference guide list with online tools and resouces that can help adults find valuable information, news, statistics, and other helpful programs. All this information can be accessed offline, once downloaded.

The Boys’ or Girls’ Edition of the Kids Making Healthy Choices APP is priced at $2.99 on iTunes®! The App is compatible with any iPhone® and iPad® with iOS 6.0 or greater and is available for purchase in the iTunes® Store. For more information about the Kids Making Healthy Choices App, please visit

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