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Press Release | Author Carole P. Roman's new books

The Treasure of Snake Island by Carole P. Roman
The Treasure of Snake Island by Carole P. Roman
Carole P. Roman

In our last author update about Carole P. Roman, DBR Books featured the author's recent publication in The Books Magazine. Since then Roman has been creating her own path as an avid children's book series writer in If You Were Me and Lived in... and Captain No Beard series.

In her latest in If You Were Me and Lived in..., Roman featured Kenya and India as the countries her young readers visited next. A social studies teacher and one who loves to travel, Roman takes seriously the role of uplifting education through cultural enrichment and diversity.

The books serve as a guide, teaching children about other customs, ethnicities, landmarks, foods, and even introduce the languages and currencies used in the featured regions. The series is appropriately written for children ages 3 to 8, and should prove an effective and valuable learning tool for teachers who want to intoduce different cultures in their classroom to expand global awareness. Of course, let's not leave out one important fact - the books are fun! Afterall, who doesn't like to explore?

If You Were Me and Lived in....Kenya

If You Were Me and Lived in....India

In her other children's book series, Captain No Beard, which is just as fun and downright witty, Roman takes young readers on adventuresome voyages with Captain No Beard and his crew on the Flying Dragon. Never mind that the story of course is all imaginative for the main character, young Alexander; Roman however does an excellent job of keeping it real in the reader's mind.

The latest in the Captain No Beard series are:

Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience - "The crew of the Flying Dragon are sailing again. This time, new crewmember, Pepper Parrot is having a hard time keeping up with the drills. Captain No Beard and his mates join together to help Pepper achieve her goals with patience and tolerance."

The Treasure of Snake Island: A Captain No Beard Story - "The captain and the crew are off in search of lost treasure! But on their way to the treasure on Snake Island, they are treated to the most beautiful sunrise they’ve ever seen, with splashes of orange, yellow, and bright pink in the sky. While the crew is amazed at the wonderful sight, Polly the Parrot is rather frightened. Reciting the old sailors’ saying, Polly squawks, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; red sky in morning, sailors, take warning,” sending the crew into a frenzy. While Captain No Beard tries to dismiss Polly’s theory, the parrot reminds her crewmates that everything she’s ever learned came from a book.

After the crew comes together to prepare the Flying Dragon for whatever storm they may find, Polly shares the wonders of reading with her fellow crewmates and captain. From butterflies and dinosaurs to stars and cooking, books can teach just about anything, the talkative parrot explains."

The Captain No Beard series promises fun, and highlights the joys of reading and imaginative play. Learning through exploration is always entertaining, and Roman has delivered successfully to her readers!

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Happy Reading!

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