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Presque isle's frist gpt

Presque Isle's first GPT

On Feburary 15th Eagle Hill in Presque Isle had it's first ever Grand Prix Trial. This was also my first time being the head judge of a competitive level tournament. The full two weeks before hand I was studying the Infraction Procedure Guide and generally panicking that I'm going to show up to a Tournament of thirty plus players. Sure I had been judging Friday Night Magic and Pre-releases at the shop since I got my level one, but States had been my one and only competitive tournament until this one. The fact that week was snow storm after snow storm meant that I was also panicking that I wouldn't be able to make the trip up to judge the event.

Finally, Saturday morning comes around and I get to Presque Isle at 10:30 AM; the shop is a ghost town. Only me and Floyd, part owner and Magic TO, are at the shop. Over the course of the next hour and a half the players file in and I'm looking at just an eight man tournament, sweet. Simple and easy; don't have a ton of deck lists to check. It's only going to be three rounds with a cut to top four. I'm looking at like four and half hours till the event ends and I can beat the next storm back to Houlton.

Play for round one starts and I look over and check the deck list. This is were the only penalty of the tournament is handed out. The issue is that at the start of the tournament one of the guys was going to borrow my Mono-black Devotion deck. He fills out the deck list but then we need an eight player to join up, and so we get one of the Pokemon kids that also plays to Magic to play. I'm about to had him my Maze's End deck, when the guy that is going to play my mono-black deck has a joygasm that I have Maze's End sleeved up.

Matt takes over Maze's End and slides the deck list he had filled out for mono-black to Alex. Here's the rub. Matt had messed up the deck list and Alex not being a competitive Magic player doesn't check over the list before handing it over to me at the start of the tournament. In the end I down grade this from a game lose to a warning. The rest of the tournament goes over without a problem. Over an we wording questions from the players. The whole thing is very relaxed and chill and the players themselves also agree that the day is turning out to be a lot of fun verse stressful GPTs we had played in before.

When the finals started we had Derick Jones piloting Esper Midrange against Kevin Coppola with Death by Eidolen, his mono-white home-brew. At the other table was Alex Brewer with mono-black verses mark Norris with mono-blue. In the end only two decks were left but the last two spots decided on a prize spilt. With Mark Norris scooping to Derek Jones leaving the title of First place in Derick's hands. Without that final play off game I leave you to look at the decks and decide for your self which one would have been the ultimate winner of the day.

Derick Jones - Esper Midrange

1x Heliod, God of the Sun

2x Ephora, good of Polis

1x Banisher Priest

4x Soldier of the Panteon

2x Imposing Sovreign

4x Precinct Captain

3x Brimaz, King of Areskas

3x Obzedak, Ghost Council

4x Lyev Skynight

1x Whip of Erebos

4x Detention Sphere

2x Spear of Heliod

3x Ultimate Price

1x Far//Away

3x Watery Grave

4x Temple of Enlightenment

2x Mutavault

1x Swamp

3x Plains

4x Temple of Silence

4x Godless Shrine

4x Hollowed Fountain


3x Blood Baron of Viskopa

1x Dark Betrayel

3x Thoughtseize

2x Feindslayer Paladin

1x Supreme Verdict

3x Doom Blade

1x Notionthieft

1x Glare of Heresy

Mark Norris Mono-blue

20x Island

4x Mutavault

1x Nythos, Shrine of Nyx

4x Cloudfin Raptor

4x Judges Familiar

4x Frostburn Weird

4x Tidebinder Mage

4x Thassa, God of the Sea

4x Nightveil Specter

4x Master of Waves

2x Bident of Thassa

1x Jace, Architect of Thought

2x Rapid Hybridization

1x Domestication

1x Cyclonic Rift


4x Gainsay

2x Jace, Architect of Thought

1x Jace, Memory Adept

1x Bident of Thassa

1x Dissolve

1x Negate

1x Dispel

1x Rapid Hybridization

1x Curse of the Swine

1x Cyclonic Rift

1x Domestication

That's all I got for this article. The tournament was a blast to judge and I can't wait until the next one. Hopefully, the next one will be during a weekend with better travel conditions and more players can make the trip up to the northern part of the state. This has been...

Jeffrey Carmichael II

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