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Presidents' Day educational resources, part 3

President Teddy Roosevelt was a reformer who made quite a few enemies as he rose from NYC Police Commissioner to the presidency. He was a reformer, conservationist, hero during the Spanish American War and pushed for building of the Panama Canal. Check out some educational resources from TeachersPayTeachers about Roosevelt and other presidents.

Presidents Day word search
K Applebee
Who tried to assassinate Teddy Roosevelt?
K Applebee
  • The Teddy Roosevelt Assassination Attempt is a 40 page resource containing an activity/mystery party game that delves into the lives of the political, economic and other notable movers and shakers at the turn of the 20th century. It can be played purely for fun or used as a classroom activity as players are suspects and detectives trying to figure out who tried to assassinate Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Reader’s theater improves comprehension and reading fluency and these two scripts covering the Spanish American War and Post-Civil War America feature Teddy Roosevelt and other famous Americans.
  • Freebie: Celebrate the presidents of the United States with these 4 writing prompts and quick edits with a photograph and quote by Presidents Carter, Kennedy and J. Q. Adams.
  • Presidential nicknames matching game
  • Free word search with presidents Clinton, Eisenhower, Jefferson, Kennedy, Lincoln, Obama, Reagan, F. Roosevelt, T. Roosevelt, Truman, Washington and Wilson.

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