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Presidents' Day educational resources, part 1

Presidents Day bulletin board
Presidents Day bulletin board
K Applebee

President’s Day falls on Monday, February 17, 2014. Although many Hampton Roads schools will be making up snow days, teachers can find a number of terrific resources on TeachersPayTeachers to save educators time while providing engaging activities for students. Check these out:

First Ladies Day in Court
K Applebee
  • Freebie: Celebrate the presidents of the United States with these 4 writing prompts and quick edits containing a photograph and quote by Presidents Carter, Kennedy and J. Q. Adams. These are just 4 of a set of 51 available for purchase.
  • First Ladies Day in Court is a reader's theater style script that covers several of our first founding fathers: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, as well as, civics and economics content. Reader’s theater is a superb way to reinforce language and literature standards. Comprehension questions are embedded in the text.
  • Plot Summary: Jim Klass is being sued by Amanda Ketch for breach of contract when a date goes sour. The wives of some early presidents come to testify about what their husbands did to help the new nation, including westward expansion. The defendants and jury (audience) learn about irregular plurals (spice is not the plural of spouse although mice is for mouse), barter and the workings of the judicial branch of the government.
  • A free five question multiple-choice quiz makes a good anticipation activity to introduce and/or discuss Presidents' Day.
  • Free Hail to the chief game (plays like Millionaire)

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