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Presidents and their families: U.S. Presidents Month

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One genealogist found a direct path that relates all U. S. Presidents to George Washington which connects them to each other either as cousins by blood or by marriage. Let’s see to what other interesting people U.S. Presidents are related. Keep reading, you just might be related to the Presidents.

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James Carter, 39th President is said to be related to music mogul Berry Gordy, Jr. President Carter is the half-second cousin of the Motown founder through his mother Bessie Lillian Gordy. Berry Gordy II (1888–1978) was the son of Berry Gordy I and Lucy Hellum. Berry Gordy I was the son of James Thomas Gordy, a white plantation owner in Georgia, and his female slave Esther Johnson. President Carter and Berry Gordy are also sixth cousins of Elvis Presley through James Thomas Gordy’s great-grandfather Andreas Presley. President Carter is also a distant cousin of June Carter Cash. In a1977 speech, President Carter acknowledged June Carter as a distant cousin, with whom he shared paternal ancestry.

Barack Obama, 44th President is said to be related to U.S. Presidents George Washington they are 9th cousins 6 times removed, George W Bush, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, Grover Cleveland and James Madison. President Obama is the 8th cousin of former Vice President Dick Cheney according to Lynn Cheney in an MSNBC interview. The ancestor they have in common is Mareen Devall, a 17th century immigrant from France. President Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are cousins. They share a 10th great-grandmother, Ann Sutton (1589-1654). He is also related to Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, John McCain and Bill Richardson. President Obama is related to 4 signers of the Declaration of Independence including Robert Morris of Pennsylvania, Frances Lightfoot Lee of Virginia, Caesar Rodney of Delaware and Button Gwinnett of Georgia.

President Obama is a descendant of royalty. He is said to be related to Queen Elizabeth II they are 9th cousins twice removed and of Edward I of England and William the Lion of Scotland as well as Irish royalty, Brian Boru.

President Obama is related to entertainers Brad Pitt they are ninth cousins through a mutual relative Edwin Hickman, who died in Virginia in 1769. Ben Affleck is an 11th cousin of President Obama through a mutual ancestor, a seventeenth-century bricklayer, William Knowlton Jr., Walt Disney, Fay Wray, Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fontaine and Uma Thurman. Also, connected through his mother’s lineage President Obama is related to actress Ruby Dee, they are fifth cousins seven times removed.

President Obama’s blood-ties to King Edward I, relates him to writers Percy Bysshe Shelley, Robert Frost, W. Somerset Maugham, Graham Greene and Christopher Isherwood.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President is said to be related to George Washington, his 10th cousin four times removed. President Lincoln is also related to Tom Hanks, they are third cousins 4 times removed through the President’s mother, Nancy Hanks. George Clooney is President Lincoln’s half-first cousin 4 times removed.

It is interesting to know that all the U.S. Presidents are related. It would also be interesting to know if YOU are related to one or all of the presidents?


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