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Presidential preference above national need

To say, “there has never been” might be an overstatement with regards to the abuse of executive privilege and power by the Obama administration but it is certainly not an understatement.

Secretary Hagel announces proposed millitary cut backs
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Nothing could have been made clearer this past week as Defense Secretary Hagel announced the administration’s proposal of a forty percent reduction in the United States Military overall and reducing the United States Army to pre- World War II levels.

This reduction also includes the elimination of several specialty and intelligence aircraft, tanks, amphibious assault vehicles, benefits, pay decreases and elimination of personnel. It would also allow for continued base closings both domestic and international.

If the nation is anything like the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and the opinions being raised on local radio talk shows, then people are not just upset but down right mad about the proposed military reduction and cutback.

All of this has been described by the administration as a “reduction to meet the needs of a peace time military”.

Peace time?

What planet is the Obama administration living on?

China is building an average of four new nuclear class submarines per year with a goal of having twenty new operational submarines by 2020 bringing their total submarine fleet to sixty two; only thirteen below the United States.

They already have their first aircraft carrier and many of our military experts believe they have even conquered stealth technology with their own stealth drones.

Russia under the firm hand of President Putin is rebuilding and reorganizing their Russian military to old Soviet Union standards and slowly through diplomatic and financial channels attempting to re-gather her lost Soviet states who flew from the nest when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Then there is the Republic of Iran and her satellite countries throughout the mid-east as well as what many believe also include some affiliated South American countries.

Iran has even had the audacity to sail two rust bucket destroyers to the coast of the United States in recent weeks thumbing their noses at our military superiority.

This less than peace time situation, also includes the smaller rogue nations like North Korea, Pakistan and several African nations already at full blown war.

The world is in a state of anything but peace and to down size our military on such a basis at this time is both ludicrous and wrong.

It's true there have been down sizes before by administrations of both parties throughout the history of our nation for military spending but there has never been one so blatantly preferential in favor of the financial support of increased domestic entitlements; including the Affordable Healthcare Act (aka Obamacare) as the current proposal from the Obama administration.

Now, Russia has apparently taken advantage of this news by invading Crimea peninsula of the Ukraine; even raising the Russian flag.

Russia has also put out the word that they are looking for global ports to set up naval and air bases.

The world is not at peace, not safe and highly volatile; similar to the way things were just prior to World War I and World War II.

This is not the time to be downsizing the United States military.

Proponents of the downsizing have said with our advanced technology such as drones, lasers, satellites, advanced computers and sensors that less field personnel and infantry are actually unnecessary.

If such a scenario is true and factual, then a new method of warfare has indeed been reached and the potential for loss of human life of American troops greatly reduced.

What happens however, if Iran and China are successful in building their EMP (electromagnetic pulse) missiles we keep hearing about which can wipe out all electronics?

If and when they would use these weapons against us, we’d be left in the Stone Age with a military neither equipped nor of any competitive size to defend the country.

Let’s not forget the embarrassment our nation faced with a downsized military during the Carter administration and the needless loss of life during the Iran hostage attempted rescue; our military was simply ill equipped and untrained for such a situation due to cutbacks.

We must never let our military become so depleted, untrained or ill equipped ever again.

Americans must take this new proposal very serious and contact our Senators and member of congress as well as flood the emails of the Secretary of Defense and the White House about this ridiculous move to weaken our military.

Write, text, phone or email your appropriate representatives today. Let’s stop this non-sense now.

©Copyright 2014 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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