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President Wars- Battle Through The Centuries


What a great way to study history! President Wars- Battle Through The Centuries.44 Presidents go head to head in this card and dice battle. Take them on alone or battle a friend- 1-2 Players. On every battle card we added facts about each president. This game represents our country's complete leadership over the past 238 years.

Easy to learn and fun for all ages young & old, plus with so many card combinations this game has unlimited replay value and should never be the same game twice. Every battle brings together a different era in American history.

Every Game contains: 44 battle cards, 3 official dice , Official rules & Kickstarter promo cards.

How do you play? Here is a quick run down:

Rules Of Battle............

Each player rolls their die at the same time. The player who rolls the higher number gets the strike. The damage= difference in dice. Opponent then must subtract it from their battle card. The battle is over when one card loses all their hit points or an eagle is rolled.

Example- If player 1 rolls a (7) player and player 2 rolls a (1)......Then player 2 must subtract 6 from their card.

Battle Dice- 10 Sided- Numbered 2-9 with 2 symbols

Eagle- If you roll an eagle, you steal your players card and place it on the bottom of your pile and the battle is over.

Shield- If you roll a shield you defend your opponents attack and they must subtract their total roll from their hit points

Perks include printable war logs, the game plus dice, printable mats, having your own cards made! Be a part of the game! It sound exciting to me! Their goal is $3,800 and they are 1/3 there. That usually indicates the goal will be reached.

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