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President's Day in the USA

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President's Day is a uniquely American holiday commemorating the birthdays of two of our most influential and important presidents - George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Most government agencies (local, state, and federal) take a day off on President's Day, but it's a regular work day for most of the rest of us. Even so, it is still a fitting remembrance of the greatness of two of our nation's leaders and a reminder that, despite our warts and problems, the United States remains the best place in the world to live.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a spectacular monument to four of our most influential presidents and one of the most recognized icons of America. Visitors from around the world join U.S. citizens coming to see Mount Rushmore. When I was there, I mingled with the multitudes and heard multiple languages.

Obviously, you should bring a camera when visiting Mount Rushmore National Memorial. There are picture opportunities at every turn. If you are lucky, like I was, you'll enjoy a beautiful day in the Black Hills of South Dakota.