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President’s "Day" shenanigans

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All hail, Monday is a holiday. Not just any holiday, not a – “we’re not at work, but it’s a somber holiday we should be aware of, and not party too hard, lest we offend someone” holiday. It’s President’s Day! This means that you need day-plans to celebrate the fact that you are not at school, work, etc….oh yeah, and also to celebrate the sacrifices and leadership of our beautiful nation’s past presidents. Or something.

The key to properly enjoying your day off is to shift all typical weekend plans to about five to ten hours earlier. If your Friday and Saturday party nights typically begin after 11pm, you do not want to do this on your day off. Why, you ask? Because on Tuesday, you are probably expected to resume life as a fully-functional contributing member of adult society, in which case being hung-over at 8:00am as you begin your presentation/tackle your never-clearing email inbox, is completely unacceptable. My two favorite day-time bars to try out while you enjoy the tiny bit of sun this year’s Polar Vortex is allowing us this week:

South West, NY
At the corner of Albany and South End, at the very tip of Downtown Manhattan, lays a gorgeous, patio-fronted breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks spot right on the Hudson river. Before you write this off, don’t underestimate the power of downtown. It’s no longer the stuck-up Wall Street bros and no fun it used to be. It’s now young, interesting, beautiful, and an up-and-coming addition to Manhattan Nightlife.
Drink of choice: Any margarita, they’re all delicious
Food of choice: SWNY Signature Burger

Houston Hall
Right off the Houston 1 station is Houston Hall. As a relatively new beer hall in SoHo, Houston Hall boasts its reputation with delicious food, drink, and especially beer. Although the beer selection is slightly small for beer hall standards, the location, and especially the mass amount of space makes this the perfect daytime hang spot with your best buds.
Drink of choice: Patrick’s Belgian Blonde, Unfiltered Blonde Ale. Spicy, Effervescent & Dry 5% abv
Food of choice: Whole Wheat Flatbread Pizza