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President's Day 2014

This week will mark one of the nation's most famous federal holidays, President's Day.

This holiday celebrates every man who has ever taken office in the White House, and taken what is one of the most difficult jobs in the nation.

President's Day is celebrated each year in many different ways, from stores offering President's Day sales, to the History Channel airing documentaries that give us information on every man who has ever been in the presidency.

Although the presidency is less than 300 years old, men of different education levels, ideas, personalities, and backgrounds have taken the office.

Perhaps the two most memorable men to occupy the White House are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. However, many others have contributed and shaped our country, even those presidents who are not as well-known today.

Not every president leaves behind a legacy like Washington or Lincoln, but the President's Day holiday celebrates the office itself, not necessarily the individual man that has sat in the oval office.

Perhaps one day, we will be able to add the name of a woman to the individuals who have been residents of the White House.

How will you celebrate President's Day?

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