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President Osama and Sheik Reid lash out at domestic terrorists

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President Barack Hussein Obama, Allah praise his name, and his noble Sheik, Senator Harry Reid, may Allah love him, lashed out at the Christian, Tea Party domestic terrorists of America for their evil acts against our beloved president, Allah praise his name, and the noble Sheik Reid. Using women and children as human shields, the evil Christians blocked the agents of our glorious president from carrying out the laws of Allah that Sheik Reid established in the name of God to protect innocent turtles on verge of extinction because of vile men like Cliven Bundy. The wicked rancher has allowed his cattle to graze on President Obama’s, Allah praise his name, holy lands without paying the fee of righteous men to our beloved leader and his glorious lieutenant and left hand of God. Bundy’s unholy cattle have stepped on and defecated on the noble turtles beneath their feet, as their devilish flatulence pollutes out very air! These men deserve to be thrown into the pit of eternal damnation along with all their kin and every man, woman, and child of their abominable, unrighteous infidel mob.

Sen. Reid calls Bundy supporters “domestic terrorists”

All parody demonstrating the evil and insanity of Harry Reid aside, for the man who leads Democrats in the Senate to speak of the people after sending government thugs against citizens, is not just hypocrisy. Reid is the epitome of the government terrorist, brother to the Mullahs of Iran cursing the infidels who do not bow to their will, and a gangster demanding blood money for the right to run a business. Just as he did during the last presidential election declaring that Gov. Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes, he tells the same lies about a lone citizen. Harry Reid deserves the fate of the tyrant whose cruelty and love of gold led his overthrow and being fed the molten gold he loved so much.

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