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President Obama to use dictatorial powers to impose wealth redistribution

Barack Obama on wealth redistribution
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On Jan. 28, President Barack Obama will gave his fifth State of the Union address, and unlike the four prior ones that dealt with rhetoric on jobs, economic opportunities, and recovery, this address will drive right to the core of his lifelong ideology.


According to White House on Jan. 26, the President intends go beyond the lawful separation of powers granted to the Executive Branch under the Constitution in order to legislate by Executive Order, and bypass Congress's authority to write and create laws. The purpose according to President Obama, is to fight income inequality, which in layman's terms means Soviet style wealth redistribution.

Mr. Obama will emphasize his intention to use unilateral presidential authority—bypassing Congress when necessary—to an extent not seen in his previous State of the Union speeches, White House officials said.

Mr. Obama will stress that he intends to take unilateral action on a host of other issues: infrastructure development, job training, climate change and education. Administration officials hinted broadly at the assertive new direction Sunday. - Wall Street Journal

In early December, President Obama laid the foundation for his political move to rule by decree rather than by the rule of law when he uttered the now famous words, "I've got a pen, and I've got a phone, and I will use the pen to sign Executive Orders and take Executive Action, and use the phone to call grass roots organizations to bring together all Americans under a unifying theme." These words show that the President fully intends to not only rule by decree, but to also use grass roots organizations to mobilize propaganda and support on the American people to impress this new vision of government rule.

In the 1930's, there was another individual who used grass roots organizations to coerce the people to accept rule by a single leader, and that of course was Adolph Hitler's use of the SA in his rise to power as Supreme Chancellor in Germany.

Their main assignments (SA) were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of the opposing parties, fighting against the paramilitary units of the opposing parties (especially the Rotfrontkämpferbund) and intimidating Jewish citizens (e.g. the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses). - Wikipedia

Executive Orders were originally created as proclamations, or special authorities granted to the Executive Branch in regards to offices and appointments tied solely to the Executive Branch. In no place, either in the Constitution, or through Congressional legislation, was the Executive Order designed with the authority to create laws that affected Americans and the nation state alike. It was primarily under President Bill Clinton in the 1990's that the office began using Executive Orders as a means to bypass Congress when the President did not get legislation passed that he desired.

Former President Bill Clinton proudly publicized his use of executive decrees in situations where he failed to achieve a legislative objective. Moreover, he repeatedly flaunted his executive order power to curry favor with narrow or partisan special interests. If this were not enough, Clinton's top White House political advisers made public statements about his use of executive decrees that were designed to incite a partisan response, saying, for example, that the power was "cool" and promising that he would wield that power to the very end of his term. -

As President Obama goes forward into his fifth year in office, it is abundantly clear that his intentions and declarations during tomorrow's State of the Union speech are focused on a deliberate and unlawful usurpation of the Constitution, where he states he will begin creating laws by Executive Order, and not through Congressional pathways. And sadly, the ulterior motives behind this new power grab appear to be Marxist based redistribution of wealth from those who work to those who don't.

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