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President Obama to meet Pope Francis

Pope Francis
Getty images/ Franco Origlia

President Barack Obama will be meeting with Pope Francis in the near future, according to a New York Daily News report on Tuesday. The announcement originally came from the White House after United States Secretary of State John Kerry made the suggestion while in the Vatican on Tuesday.

Kerry made the suggestion that Pope Francis is anticipating the visit of President Barack Obama at the Vatican someday. While the remarks from Kerry drew great interest in the event, Kerry could not or did not give an actual meeting date of the two men. Following, the White House also said there is no actual meeting planned at present, but said that the president very much looks forward to meeting Pope Francis at some point in the future.

Kerry met Tuesday with Pope Francis’ head diplomat, Archbishop Pietro Parolin, at the Vatican. The last American U.S. Secretary of State to visit the Vatican was Edmund Muskie who visited in 1984.

As one may recall, President Obama and his wife – First Lady Michelle Obama – met the previous pope, Pope Benedict XVI, at the Vatican in July of 2009.

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