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President Obama to appear on 'Ellen' this Thursday

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When President Obama first went on “Ellen” in 2008, it took the internet by storm. In addition to showing off his dance moves, he took the opportunity to build his image as an approachable man. The show had not finished airing before the internet was wondering when the president would make another appearance on the show. Well, according to a March 19th report by Perez Hilton, we now know that President Obama will be on “Ellen” this Thursday.

President Obama has been making a media blitz to build support for his signature healthcare plan. The appearance on “Ellen” comes not long after President Obama angered many conservatives by appearing on the cult comedy show, “Between Two Ferns”. While many on the right have criticized the move, those on the left are quick to point out that the president needs to explain the importance of health insurance to the younger generation, and that is why the president took the unique opportunity.

Regardless of your political leanings, there is little doubt that Thursday’s “Ellen” is going to be a particularly memorable show.