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President Obama the Illegal immigration creator

President Barack Obama returns to the White House
President Barack Obama returns to the White House
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Mainstream media has been painting a picture of a humanitarian crisis at our southern border. It couldn’t be further from the truth. The obvious question has been largely ignored because the answer is the influx of illegals is a result of President Obama’s 2012 action of granting amnesty in his reelection campaign. Border patrol agent’s interviews of these immigrants confirm they all expect amnesty during this midterm election year.

Why would the leader of this country bring additional strife and chaos to a nation he has singlehandedly polarized, antagonized and bankrupted the middle class? He would do it because it’s part of his plan. His plans have not been in the best interest of this country as demonstrated by the tremendous drop in his popularity. He has his own agenda which so far has America losing credibility, honor and integrity. President Nixon was impeached for less.

At least half the country is calling for Obama’s impeachment which is more than when Nixon was up for impeachment. That begs the question, why aren’t our representatives carrying out our wishes? House Speaker John Boehner says he hasn’t plans to impeach Obama. His counterpart Nancy Pelosi insists on Boehner taking impeachment off the table. She was a dictator when she was Speaker ordering people to vote to pass Obamacare without reading it, she still is.

With congress on recess don’t be surprised if Obama takes steps towards amnesty again with deportation reprieves and more using executive orders. If he isn’t impeached soon, there America will only be a shadow of what it was.