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President Obama supports ban on horse slaughter for 2015 budget

President Obama says neigh to horse slaughter through Sept. 2015 budget.
President Obama says neigh to horse slaughter through Sept. 2015 budget.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Humane advocates applauded President Barack Obama's decision on Tuesday to continue the ban on federal funding for the Department of Agriculture's inspections to process horse meat for human consumption in the United States through the end of September 2015 budget reported the Associated Press.

Last June, the defunding language was added to the Omnibus Bill. United States Senator Mary Landrieu (D-La.) added the language to the FY2014 Appropriations bill in June.

Funding for the Agriculture Department inspections were agreed to be withheld through September 2014.

The president's budget now continues the prohibition through September 2015.

Valley Meat Company in Roswell, N.M and Rains Natural Meats in Missouri have been fighting to open horse slaughter plants despite an overwhelming majority of citizens and humane organizations against horse slaughter returning to the United States. Their attorney, Blair Dunn stated the president's proposed budget is not yet law and stated:

"Amid the other problems with the president's budget and the midterm elections, it is unwise to assume that this provision will remain in the budget in its final form."

Over 80% of the American public are against horse slaughter.

The Humane Society of the United States president and CEO, Wayne Pacelle stated:

“Americans do not want to see scarce tax dollars used to oversee an inhumane, disreputable horse slaughter industry. We don’t have dog and cat slaughter plants in the U.S. catering to small markets overseas, and we shouldn’t have horse slaughter operations for that purpose, either.”

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