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President Obama, Stop bypassing Congress: Fox poll results

President Barack Obama issuing another executive order on Feb. 12, 2014
President Barack Obama issuing another executive order on Feb. 12, 2014
Getty images/ Alex Wong

American voters overwhelmingly want President Barack Obama to quit bypassing the United States Congress to get what he wants in this country. In fact, 74 percent of Americans voters polled have said, in a new Fox poll released on Wednesday, that President Obama’s way of doing things – when he issues executive orders to get his way – is not how the United States government is supposed to work.

Obama orders another Executive Order: Dictates that federal contract workers be paid $10.10 per hour minimum

Likely the most astonishing detail of the poll is that the majority of Democrats believe Obama should deal with Congress instead of issuing executive orders, too. Fifty-four percent of Democrats – many of whom often support the president regardless of the issue at hand – feel he is quite wrong in sidestepping the United States Congress.

Besides the majority of Democrats, 93 percent of Republicans and 80 percent of independents that Obama’s penchant for acting independently to promote his policies goes directly against the United States’ system of governing.

The same day these poll results were released, President Obama issued yet another one of his executive orders by ordering that the minimum wage for federal contractor employees be raised next Jan. 1 to $10.10. Again, this is another matter that the president has taken into his own hands rather than utilizing the United States’ legislative branch of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives – the elected officials representing Americans across the nation.

Summarily, approximately 1-out-of-5 voters approves of Obama using executive orders in spite of their not believing it is the way they believe the government is supposed to function. Of course, that leaves 4-out-of-5 who disapprove of Obama using executive orders.

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama told French President Francois Hollande that “The good thing as president – I can do whatever I want.” With Obama’s continual bypassing of the United States Congress – as he threatened he would do in his recent State of the Union Address – it unfortunately appears that he does believe he can do whatever he wants – in spite of his having been schooled in constitutional law.

The survey was conducted on Feb. 9 through Feb. 11 of 2014.

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