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President Obama selects Michigan State Spartans to win it all in NCAA tournament

President Barack Obama makes his bracket selections for the 2014 NCAA Men's Tournament.
President Barack Obama makes his bracket selections for the 2014 NCAA Men's Tournament.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

You may not agree with his politics, you may not agree with his opinions; hell, you may not even like the guy, but you've got to respect President Barack Obama for one thing this time of year.

The man loves college basketball.

On Wednesday, the President filled out his annual NCAA tournament bracket in a ESPN-filmed special segment and selected a number of unorthodox teams to go all the way to the Final Four.

In a somewhat shocking move, Obama selected the No. 4 seed in Michigan State to take it all in the National Championship in a battle with another No. 4 seed team in Louisville. Obama had neither No. 1 seed in Virginia or Wichita State advancing to the Elite Eight. Though he does have both No. 1 seeds from the South and West regions in Florida and Arizona advancing to the Final Four (but losing to Michigan State and Louisville, respectively).

While it isn't a standard bracket by any means, filled with a bevy of upset-rich choices, Obama felt confident that his selections would hold true during the tournament.

“I know these are not imaginative picks, but I think they’re the right ones,” Obama said.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is also adding some incentive this year by offering anyone who creates a perfect bracket the prize sum of $1 billion dollars. Though the odds are astronomically-against anyone from actually doing so, it isn't stopping folks from scrambling to try to create that ultimate bracket that would balloon their bank accounts in tough times.

And what would the President do if his bracket turned out to be the billion dollar winner? Why, what any responsible President would do, of course.

“I’m sure somebody would ask me to pay down more of the federal debt,” Obama joked. “Michelle might want a few shoes.”

Sticking to his Chicago roots, Obama also selected Duke to upset Michigan in the Sweet Sixteen, with Duke being led by Chicago-native Jabari Parker, whom the President gave a shout-out to.

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