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President Obama says there is no strategy for the fight against ISIS in Syria

President Obama addresses reporters during White House briefing on the Syrian-ISIS problem
President Obama addresses reporters during White House briefing on the Syrian-ISIS problem
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

As tantalizing as it may be to follow up on the fashion style President Obama displayed in the White House press conference on Thursday, Aug. 28, when he wore the now famous "tan suit"-- the reality is; the world is in crisis, and the U.S. is undeniably positioned dead-smack in the middle of it.

"I don't want to put the cart before the horse, we don't have a strategy yet," was one of the responses President Obama directed towards Chuck Todd, an MSNBC Washington D.C. news correspondent, who asked President Obama if he needed Congress' approval to go into Syria in order to combat the continuing ISIS threat -- also known as ISIL.

Many may be asking; 'what does Syria have anything to do with ISIS, if ISIS is causing its havoc in Iraq?' Syria, one of the Middle Eastern neighboring countries of Iraq is legally and officially separated from Iraq by a border, but ISIS has dissolved that border, now using both Syria and Iraq as not only their battlegrounds, but also their safe havens, as they travel in and out of both countries without hindrance.

President Obama's administration is not only burdened with the brutally horrific violence ISIS is perpetrating in Iraq, but also have to worry about going into Syria to root out this blood thirsty and cancerous military terrorist group. Hours before President Obama's press conference, ISIS released yet another graphic video showing over 300+ Syrian soldiers being paraded through the desert in only their underwear, on the way to their inevitable demise by a gun-firing-squad style execution -- the soldiers' dead bodies were then laid out across the sand in the shape of a crescent moon.

Adding to the Syrian-Iraq crisis, the U.S. is also involved in efforts to solve the ongoing conflict between the Ukrainian government and the pro-Russian separatists which the U.S. says is being backed both militarily and financially by Russian President Vladimir Putin -- an allegation President Putin continues to vehemently deny. Regarding the Ukranian-Russian conflict, during the press conference, President Obama made it clear that he does not see any "military confrontation between Russia and the United States," no military option on the table to resolve the conflict.

In retrospect, from a Geo-political perspective, it seems the U.S. has its hands full with the Syrian-Iraq issue as ISIS rampages through Iraq senselessly murdering hundreds of Iraqis who do not conform to their extreme Islamic ideologies, and are determinately vowing to eradicate Americans where ever they are -- proven when they released the beheading video of American journalist James Foley. However, the global woes do not end there; the U.S. is also juggling between the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, plus the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian fighting, and the Ebola virus killing thousands in Africa. Warnings by the World Health Organization that the Ebola virus matter is most likely to get worse before it gets better have been publicly announced. The United States' pot full of domestic and international problems has been simmering for quite some time -- now it is boiling.

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