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President Obama's odd relationship with Israel

Wednesday Obama held a news conference concluding the U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit at the State Department in Washington. The Jerusalem Post quotes the President, "I think it is important to remember that Hamas acts extraordinarily irresponsibly," Obama said, "putting civilians at risk with its taunting of Israel, and its placement of rocket launchers in civilian areas during conflict with the Jewish state."

Obama looks at Netanyahu during talks.

If you are shaking your head because you know you couldn't have heard correctly, it gets better. The president goes on to offer this jaw-dropping statement, "I have said from the beginning that no country would tolerate rockets being launched into their cities," he continued. "And as a consequence, I have consistently defended Israel's right to defend itself, and that includes doing what it needs to do."

What makes this confusing is that just a little over a week ago, when it appears that the Israeli military is being successful in disarming Hamas, President Obama orders Secretary of State John Kerry to draft a cease-fire proposal directing Israel to stand down while ignoring the militarization of Gaza, and terrorist attempts to kill Jews. Essentially Israel’s biggest ally, is almost forcing Israel to commit suicide by laying down its arms in the face of overwhelming terrorist attacks.

On one hand Obama underscores that Israel has the right to defend itself, then almost in the same breath demands that Israel stop defending itself. Obama has even phoned up Minister NetanPrimeyahu demanding an immediate unconditional ceasefire that will leave Hamas, its rockets, and attack plans intact. Hamas repeatedly violates every ceasefire yet the President bends over backwards to meet their demands.

In early June the State Department confirmed that the U.S. will work with and fund a newly-created Palestinian “unity” government backed by the terrorist group Hamas. That was a slap-in-the-face to the already strained relationship between the Obama administration and Israeli government. But it is only one example of the Jekyll/Hyde responses of the president to the conflict.

Earlier today the president told the Washington Post he supports the Egyptian efforts to form a lasting agreement. The U.S. aim, he said, "To make sure the violence does not resume." One can only wonder what he actually means by those words, and how exactly is he going to accomplish that aim. Will he put the pressure on Hamas or will he make more demands on Israel that are masked behind a false loyalty? If I were Israel, I wouldn't trust this president any further than I could throw him.

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