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President Obama's foreign policy/Obamacare will take heavy toll in November

Judgment day on the Obama White House is coming
Judgment day on the Obama White House is coming
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The White House is reeling from the Ukraine crisis and the invasion by Putin’s troops of the Crimea Peninsula.

Democratic hopefuls for the upcoming election are being traumatized by the echo of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s words during the 2012 election about “Russia being America’s number one threat.”

To add insult to injury, throw in v.p. hopeful Sarah Palin’s recorded warning during the 2008 election that the Russians would invade Ukraine in the near future.

Translation? The Republicans aren’t waiting for the dust to settle before declaring that they saw it coming.
Predictions from the likes of President Obama’s 2008 presidential opponents Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Sarah Palin, and Obama’s 2012 Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney have Americans scratching their collective heads and wondering if they made a mistake with this young, inexperienced president.

“Hope and Change” have been replaced with “What the hell is happening?”

Remember the open microphone that caught President Obama promising Vladimir Putin's then-puppet more “flexibility” after he was re-elected? John McCain certainly does - and he does with open comments to the press.

McCain chortled, “By the way, a couple of my favorites: ‘Tell Vladimir that I’ll be more flexible when I’m re-elected.’ Tell Vladimir I’ll be more flexible when I’m re-elected?” he told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington yesterday beaming from ear to ear.

It’s open season on President Obama’s botched foreign policy beginning with Egypt and Libya right up to this week in Russia’s blatant invasion of the Crimea.

All we see is empty threats and a noticeable broken spirit. That doesn’t begin to describe those Democrats out on the campaign trail with their diatribe being forcefully. Who in their right mind doesn't think President Putin doesn't see it?

Senator McCain spoke for many a disheartened American when he said, "This is the ultimate result of a feckless foreign policy where nobody believes in America’s strength anymore.”

The Republican’s view of Vladimir Putin’s cold war aspirations have become a reality and not a GOP sound bite.

Compile this disastrous news with the overwhelming dislike of Obamacare and one can clearly see a political slaughter in November looming even with Democrats who ordinarily vote straight party line.

There is even a re-write of the Mitt Romney image reverberating throughout the Republican Party. Not unlike other points in American history, many are asking the question, “Who’s out there with a better track record to face Hillary Rodham Clinton than Mitt?

The country is going through a metamorphose of political change since November, 2012. It's verdict may come in November, 2014.

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