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President Obama's Chicago visit is non-transparent

President Barack Obama visits Chicago on April 2, 2014, for Democratic fundraisers
Chicago Tribune

President Barack Obama returned to Chicago – his hometown – on Wednesday to appear at a couple of Democratic Party fundraisers, according to the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday. According to multiple radio news reports, Chicago media was less than pleased with the way they were treated and blocked from the president during his visit.

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WGN radio announced early in the day on Wednesday that snow plows were placed on Lower Wacker Drive near the restaurant where President Obama was to appear. The reason for the snow plows being out, blocking the streets, had nothing to do with snow or cold weather – as the temperature was in the 40s on Wednesday. Instead, they were placed where they were to block the view of the presidential goings-on from the public as well as the press.

Also, a WLS radio news reporter complained that the media was banned from entering the fundraising gatherings except for one person who was allowed to listen in and take notes. The person allowed to listen in and take notes was not identified. WLS, as well as WGN radio, complained about the lack of transparency from a president who has promised transparency in his two campaigns when running for the White House.

Once again, there were media complaints that have obviously fallen on deaf ears at the White House about the time of day the president arrives in Chicago and elsewhere, as well. The media asserts that the road closures and inconveniences to everyday people could be much less if Obama would enter and leave his destinations at any time other than rush hour. Obama reportedly got to Chicago at 4 p.m. ET – just in time for rush hour, as he has repeatedly done in the past.

Obama allegedly helped raise over $1 million for Democrats during two fundraising appearances while he was in Chicago for five hours.

Prior to Obama’s Chicago visit, he stopped in Ann Arbor, Michigan to promote his latest favorite issue regarding minimum wage. Obama is scheduled to leave Chicago quickly after the fundraisers.

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