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President Obama's blatant interference responsible for border crisis

THe president off to fundraiser in Seattle, then SF and LA
THe president off to fundraiser in Seattle, then SF and LA
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Washington lawmakers are already predicting a stalemate in Congress over the illegal immigration crisis. But that didn't stop two of the country's top law-enforcement officials on Tuesday from bitterly criticizing President Barack Obama's $3.7 billion emergency request to "address the issue."

Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County in Arizona said, "The Congress' and the president's inaction to address this crisis is a joke. They are divorced from reality. This is where the American people are furious with their lack of action and their inability to solve core issues.”

Babeu's is only the last law enforcement official to speak out on the southern border chaos. Obama's inadvertent 'welcome mat' to Latino children, and the ongoing deluge at the U.S. border, has alarmed those responsible for preventing it.

Meanwhile in Washington, House Democrats are interested in slashing approximately $1 billion out of the president's $3.7 billion requested for the southern border influx. $225 million would be spent to help Israel battle Hamas militants in Gaza and $615 million to fight wildfires raging in the West. Democrats might consider the removal of over $1 billion for individual attorneys for each incarcerated illegal.

The House Democrats are well aware of this country's commitment to Israel and the massive foreign aid they receive annually, as well as the Department of the Interior's budget for fighting forest fires. The proposal is at best an empty gesture from the president's party faithful.

Republicans, including the House Speaker John Boehner, continue to demand changes to a 2008 law that would enable federal authorities to depart illegals quickly and avoid protracted delays that often end in the illegal being processed blending into American society.

Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn may have said it best when he said, "unfortunately, it looks like we're on a track to do absolutely nothing." That feeling is backed up by Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar who introduced legislation earlier this month allowing Border Patrol agents to immediately refuse entry to illegal minors without a hearing.

Since Oct. 1, more than 57,000 illegal minors have been captured, while many are held in military bases in California, Oklahoma, Texas and reportedly a dozen other states being kept secret at this time..

The cost? American taxpayers pay an average of $252 per child per day. The administration has now estimated that 90,000 illegals could be arrested by the end of September. Being an administration estimate,” it would not be reckless to double that number.

The border crisis is the result of one man, President Obama. The $3.7 billion aid request is taxpayer money out the window. It is merely a one-time Band-Aid that comes nowhere near addressing the core issue; an unsecured border.

If an immigration proposal were to hit President Obama's desk tomorrow with language forbidding any illegals from obtaining voter rights for at least a decade, Obama would sign it tomorrow. That is the consensus of those directly involved in this contrived crisis and the reasoning behind it – strictly political and engineered by one man.

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