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President Obama offered a hit on some legal pot in his recent visit to Denver

President Obama offered a hit on some legal weed in his recent visit to Denver
President Obama offered a hit on some legal weed in his recent visit to Denver
Barack Obama / Wikimedia Commons

Obama and pot? Leave it to the good pot-smoking folks in Denver to offer the leader of the free world a dope drag on some legalized marijuana. In his recent visit to Denver this week, President Obama stopped off in a local bar to toast tall ones with Colorado governor John Hickenlooper and some of the locals, and much like a high school kid turning down peer pressure, declined to taking a puff of the legal greenery.

Reports CNN today: “‘Do you want to hit this?” a man asked President Barack Obama in a bar in Denver Tuesday night. The president laughed but didn't indulge. It wasn't the only time Obama was offered weed on his night out. That's apparently what happens in Colorado, which recently legalized recreational marijuana.”

The exchange between the pot smoker and the president, was, of course, caught in a viral pic and video floating around on Instagram. Here’s the video uploaded to YouTube.

Of note, Mr. Obama didn’t say no, he just simply flashed his signature smile as he continued to make his way through the crowd like a rock star. The Weekly Standard said Obama and the governor shot a game of pool, with the president sinking all of his balls with the governor left with five on the table.

Per the Standard:

On his way to dinner last night, President Obama encountered pro-pot protesters. Via the pool report: The motorcade traveled empty highways and roads for 30 minutes before arriving in the LoDo section of Denver at 6:42 p.m. Along the way, a smattering of onlookers lined the streets, with one group holding a 'Free weed for Obama' sign.

But no one at the Wynkoop Brewing Company bar was as brave as 24-year-old Matthew Anton, who spoke to the Daily Caller about his unusual offering.

Anton said he spent about an hour with the presidents’ secret service detail, just “trying to bust some chops, get a few laughs.”

“I was holding up a ‘joint’ and I really didn’t mind because, well, it’s Colorado! I thought it wasn’t a big deal,” Anton said, who added, so profoundly: “In most situations I give no [f-word expletive.]


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