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President Obama likes House of Cards, Joseph Farah declares it proof he is evil

Joseph Farah
Joseph Farah

It's official. President Obama can't do anything without the far-right declaring it a scandal and screaming their heads off over it.

Joseph Farah, the king of the crazies at WorldNetDaily, is outraged by, of all things, Obama's favorite TV shows. Specifically, Obama admitted to being a fan of Netflix's "House of Cards", which the President jokingly declared makes Washington look more functional than it is in real life.

In response, Joseph Farah declared that Obama is "shamelessly promoting" the underhanded tactics of the fictional House Majority Whip Francis Underwood, whom he claims Obama sees as a "role model."

"Make no mistake about it if you haven’t watched the first season of 'House of Cards'" he writes. "Obama has expressed admiration for a character who is a ruthless thug – a godfather-style figure who will use any means necessary to get his way.

"Of course, that character is a liberal Democrat – so it’s OK.

"None of this surprises me.

"Obama is not a virtuous man of character. We know that after five years in office. But he's not even the least bit self-conscious about proclaiming his admiration for a character who is rotten to the core – a cheater, an adulterer, one who even plans and executes the murder of a fellow member of Congress."

As a final reminder, the person complaining about this is a fraud, fundamentalist, conspiracy theorist, fascist sympathizer, and employer of anarchists and wannabe dictators who are plotting to overthrow the United States' democracy.

Hypocrisy never looked so uptight.

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