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President Obama invites Latin illegals to an "open prom" at our border

Come one, come all
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The aftermath of President Obama's subliminal message to Latin Americans has turned into a national crisis of epic proportions. As thousands of illegal juvenile immigrants from Central America cross the US border, they are incarcerated briefly.

As if the president didn't know the next step when he "invited" the masses to this country like an open prom, a vast majority of those “children” are not showing up for their deportation hearings, according to the Dallas Morning News. They have disappeared into America to reunite with family, street gangs, etc. with no job, no money and no business being here.

An astonishing 18 of every 20 unaccompanied migrant children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador simply skipped their initial immigration hearing on just one day this week in Dallas, according to the paper.

What exactly is the $3.7 billion President Obama has requested from Congress actually for? Is it rounding up illegals, who should never have gotten this far? Is it to incarcerate them until they are deported within days? Is it for the millions and millions it will cost taxpayers to pay for lawyers representing these illegals and the many years to deport them as the law now stands?

This is not a small problem that money can fix. The head of the Justice Department’s immigration courts, Juan Osuna, told a shocked congressional committee last week that, on average, 46 percent of juvenile migrants (illegal aliens) skip mandatory immigration court hearings. Why? Because the President of the United States inexplicably invited them to come and receive “amnesty.” Once here, does anyone, other than ill-informed "liberals" think these desperate "children" will do otherwise?

In the minds of the “children,” reaching America, it means staying in America permanently. That's what they were told before they fled, that's what their relatives already here said and that is what the President of the United States implies every time they see him on TV.

There is no need to spend $3.7 billion on a problem created by the president. Congress and the American people have had it with the images every night on their TVs of desperate refugee children on bare floors, etc.

Congress needs to immediately pass a new law (it can be done in 24 hours) that enables the border patrol, ICE, customs, Homeland Security or the National Guard to put the “children” on government planes and send them immediately home.

After this is underway, the president, better yet someone that the Latin Americans will respect, like a rough-looking border patrol agent, informs them in their home countries, the border is closed, period. Images of soldiers, armored cars, wire fences, etc. are in the background.

Finally, this weak president and his even weaker secretary of state tell the Mexican government, along with the other Latin countries guilty of collaborating to send these refugees north, all foreign aid will be used to deport the “children” they send and the money left over to build a bigger and better fence.

For the liberals who will scream bloody murder like “compassionate” Rep. Nancy Pelosi, they should be reminded daily that this border mess makes it that much harder to assist the millions of illegals already here, and God forbid, actual American citizens.

Tough love or common sense? It is time to end these liberal encounter groups and failed political science-type studies of this unadulterated mess and government money pit. In one word, this country is begging for l e a d e r s h i p.

Need more reasoning before utilizing the word that makes ill-informed liberals cringe; deportation? The Executive Office of Immigration Review, which faces a backlog of 375,000 cases, was recently ordered to make the hearings of migrant minors their first priority, the Morning News reported.

That means the thousands of older cases go to the back of the docket as those illegals acclimate more into a country they have no right to be in. Are we a country or a country club for anyone who wants the “American dream” without one day of earning it?

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